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Featured. Goal. Getter: Mary. Sailors.

I am SO pleased to be able to introduce to everyone today my guest blogger, Featured Goal Getter Gurl and a close and personal friend, Mary Sailors! I met Mary at the gym (go figure) located across the street from where I used to live. We began speaking and instantly clicked and have been friends/co-encouragers ever since! She was one in the very first group of people who really encouraged me to go after what I want in life and pursue my passions. Mary is a group fitness instructor, Certified Punk Rope Instructor and WITS Certified Personal Trainer. Mary is a goal getter personified! She amazes me every day with her positivity, example of leadership in life and her do-er attitude! Mary has written us a post today about her goal-getting! Without further adieu: Mary's post!

Feeling Fit and fabu-lesss than…

No matter where you are on your journey, we all have those days. When we don’t want to go to the gym, when we WANT the French fries over the salad, when we may be doing what we can, but we are NOT inspired, we feel flat, blah and far from fabulous, we feel LESS than.

I have days like that and no one knows it! Many times, because I write about and speak about motivation and going after your goals, people think I have it all together, that I work out 24/7, that my diet is spot-on and I never have off days. But I DO have off days. I have days when I don’t get to the gym, save to work there and help OTHERS workout. There are days when I stand in my kitchen and look at spinach and chicken and just want to sit down with a giant chocolate sundae.  

Going after it when I don't FEEL like it! 
I have many goals that I have achieved in the past and many that I am working on now. When Alyssa asked me to talk about my goals, I didn’t know which one to talk about. Many that I have accomplished are pages worth of stories and can be read on my blog, many I am working on now, are in such early stages that I am not really talking about them. BUT, I was reminded by a friend the other night that God works through community and sharing with others can open doors, encourage people and is healthy! We share our burdens with others when we have that LESS than day and they pick us up!

A goal that I am working toward right now is to do my first competition in figure and bikini! It is something I thought I would NEVER DO! It’s a short enough story:

Early this year, a 49-year-old co-worker of mine was talking about doing her second figure competition. I saw her pictures from her first one and was astounded. Here was someone I knew who really worked hard, disciplined herself and rocked out her competition… well that stayed in the back of my head for months.

Then I went to NYC with some family in May and my brother snapped a picture of me licking chocolate from a Dunkin Donuts bag. It was a bit of a wake up call to me and when I came home I decided to make a change in my diet and workouts.  What happened, shouldn’t have been, but was a surprise! I started eating “clean”. Read my post on that here. I started to do a split workout instead of full body. I lost 10lbs and 8 percent body fat in 2 months and suddenly was in a place where, when I looked in the mirror and thought… I could do a figure competition. Not tomorrow, not next week, but I was well on my way and what was a goal out there “someday” was closer than expected.

What did I do? I took things one day at a time, I ate about 90% clean daily, I did my workouts daily, even if they were cut short, I did it them. I went when I was tired, I went when I was sad, I went when I was uninspired. I am getting closer and closer to my goal and am just a little way from having my first competition pinpointed. 

So, what do we do when we feel LESS than?

On My way! (Picture taken by AP Skyline Photography)

1) FOCUS: We keep our goal in front of us—literally, my “dreams” that I see are posted right above my computer and when I fall flat I look up and read  “These things are in my heart to do, and I feel called by God to do them. They seem so far away, but I know I am just seeing what is right in front of me…” and then I read my dreams listed as “ I see myself AS…. “  with a BIG list of all that’s in my heart I am working toward.

2) PLAN Ahead: We have a schedule and keep it as CLOSE as possible. Sure, some days, I fell short, but I KNOW that Monday’s I better be doing shoulders in the gym…even if I only get in 30 min. Life happens, but we have to plan ahead or we will fall out of the habits that will drive our dreams.

3) KEEP IT Simple. When we are uninspired, fall flat and feel like our goals are SO far away, we keep it simple. We do what we can, even the bare minimum is a move forward, but doing nothing is in actuality a step back. Keep it simple, get 'er done.

4) KEEP accountable: Track your food, track your workouts, email a friend to say, I did this like I said I would! AND TELL OTHERS about your dreams, your goals and your progress! It will inspire you to keep going and you allow others to support you in that community.

5) KEEP a checklist: Nothing motivates more than seeing ALL we have accomplished! Figure competitors actually feel very scrutinized because of how perfect they have to be, so many competitors focus on the good changes they see before they move forward and we ALL need to do the same. Maybe you didn’t get everything accomplished to meet your goal, but look back at all you did.

So when you fall flat, be inspired, power through, dig deep and use some of these practical tools and you will be surprised at how all your little steps and little days will walk you up to the door of your dreams before you know it!!

Mary is a fitness personality, trainer & coach who enjoys encouraging others to find their FIT and practice their joy. She writes about wellness,  fitness, faith and motivation at Fit this,! You can find her on twitter at @MaryFitthisgirl and on Facebook here

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