Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A house to call home

I've been laid out these past 2 weeks with a terrible cold!  I'm finally back to almost normal health!

I mentioned various times that I have got a NEW place and I'm loving it! I'm surrounding myself by the things and people that I love! My old place left a lot to be desired, specifically SPACE! I really liked the place for the cost and the location but after 2 years and struggling to pay bills, I finally reached a point where I could take on a bit more in rent. Like I've said many times, I don't regret sacrificing so that I could accomplish my goal of starting my business. It was what it was and now I'm in a better position to have a place more suitable for my life.
The old place always made me think of a photograph that I've come across many times. A picture of a young Steve Jobs who is in a tiny apartment - pre-Apple success. Now, I'm in no way comparing myself to Steve Jobs - nor do I aspire to be Steve Jobs. The photograph does, however, make me think of people with a dream and vision willing to sacrifice and to achieve these. Steve Jobs was quoted as saying that at this time, that the things pictured, were all he needed - "All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo, you know, and that’s what I had." Well, I certainly had more - but space I did not. I took a similarly styled Jobs photo when I left my last place just as a reminder.

Steve Jobs
At this rate, I think Steve's place looked bigger. Either way, it's a fun picture and memory of my time spent plugging away at my business and bills.
But now I have more exciting pictures to show you! My NEW place! I moved to a one bedroom apartment now in the city of St. Paul. It's further from my business, but much closer to my day job. Also, it's a really great price for the location and it's size. It's not HUGE but compared to where I lived before, I now feel like the proud tenant of a mansion! I even have a table to eat at! I've eaten in a bed for the last 2 years! Keep in mind, I'm still arranging everything in my place, so it's not completely organized as of yet.
This is the main living space of my apartment. My father and I spent some time and hung up my bike for function as well as an art piece. My new living area is going to have a bike theme!
And here is the other portion of my main room. A corner with a desk/sewing machine table! I inherited my grandma's sewing machine and like listed in my goals, I'm now taking a class! I will blog about this soon! :)
Ah, yes. The new kitchen. SPACE! I can cook AND eat in here!
My new eating nook! I can actually sit at a table now!
Welcome to my John! John, this is everyone! I have a bathroom...INSIDE my apartment! Yes, my old bathroom was in the hallway about 20 ft from my room.
And here is my budoir! No, I dont always make my bed - don't judge me!
My bedroom that's JUST for sleeping, unlike my old place where the bedroom was the main room, the living room, the office, pretty much "the everything". The furniture was my grandma's and I also got one of her old jewelry boxes which I love! In the third photo, I discovered a new way to organize my jewelry, belts and scarves on Pinterest! Check it out!

This is the view of my place sitting on the edge of my bed. I can see all the way to the kitchen! I feel like I live in a mansion! :)
There it is everyone! My new place of living that leaves me a much happier lady, more able to have a clear mind and focus on my goals!
Happy Wednesday!