Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All things new...

There's a been many new changes in my life since I last blogged. The most obvious? I chopped off my hair! I love having a new style and the change! The added bonus is it will be nice and cool in my bike helmet! No hair on my neck! My friend Sarah who works at Honeycomb Salon in Minneapolis cut it. I think she did an awesome job, don't you?

Me being over-joyous one day about having finished my accounting.
Next, I finished my last day at my job with Neighbors, Inc. They even ordered me a really cool cake to celebrate my biking business:

I truly will miss seeing my coworkers every day. However, I have to move forward and allow myself to take some new risks with my business. For now, I am working as a freelance Spanish interpreter with an agency. I interpret medical appointments all day long as needed. I'm hoping that I can sustain myself on this income as well as some income from my business.

In terms of my business, the season has started! Although, I haven't had any paying tour customers yet! I'm getting a bit nervous about this, although our crazy and lengthy winter weather hasn't helped. This upcoming weekend, I will be doing a tour with a local hotel as they were interested in sending guests my way! I hope that goes well!! I have, however, had a lot of inquiries about the summer months so I am hopeful that this is just a slow start!

I am also pairing with some new businesses this year. A running tour company and I are planning on doing a couple of duathlon events this summer! I'm very excited about that!

I'm also excited to be pairing with some coffee shops this summer in doing a Coffee Tour! I hope that I can get some guests on this tour and see how it works out! 

Although change is hard sometimes, in accomplishing your goals, I've come to realize that sometimes it's simply necessary. 

Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

It's not easy, it may be a struggle, but sometimes if you don't make change in your life, the other opportunities will not come. I made a calculated risk with my business. I know that I can make enough income from my freelance position to keep up with bills and hopefully I'll be getting some extra income from my business soon enough. I ran across this article in doing some research and positive reinforcement with myself and change. It's a good read and I recommend you check it out HERE.

What keeps you motivated for change? How do you remind yourself that you are making a positive change when doubt enters in those dark corners of your mind?