One thought that should be noted about this blog is this: I realize that I am at a point where I can pursue my passion and goals. I was thinking about how I would have reacted to this blog had I happened upon it 2.5 years ago. I probably would have thought, "Well, good for that girl being able to pursue her goals! She doesn't have mass amounts of debt to conquer!" As such, I must say the following: I realize that in order to get to where I am today, I had to go through the experiences I did. These events made me not only more aware of my goals, but also made me who I am today. They gave me knowledge and professional skills that I didn't previously possess and also allowed me to crawl out of my pit of debt. It's evident to me that others may be in the same situation. 

Unfortunately, I believe that in many ways we come from a society that sets up for this type of failure and the necessity to be in a profession that we do not always love. When you put yourself into thousands of dollars of debt to become educated for a piece of paper, you undoubtedly set aside your idealistic and childhood notions of, "I will never work a job for the amount pay, rather I will have a job because I like it!" When confronted with your own debt, you quickly change your mind.

Perhaps if there are people out there with the same circumstance I was in 2.5 years ago and they happen upon this blog, it will give them a glimmer of hope and aid them in the realization that there is an end to the torture (mostly self-inflicted), you must keep your eye on the prize, and ultimately there will be a time when you have to make the conscious decision, that enough is enough rather than continue with complacency. Complacency is easy...risk is difficult. Yes, there will be compromises to be made. Yes, you will have to give certain things up and live with less than you may have had before. Yes, it will be worth it. Although many of my goals are still in process and I don't know that they will all work out, I can say that the ability to pursue them has filled me with joy.

The previous point being made, there is only one thing left to say: 

Readers: Seize YOUR days!