Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ware. And. Fare. Wednesday.

Made it on a Wednesday! :) I'm super pumped about this one this week! Hope that you guys enjoy!


A fun and colorful little number that I got on my shopping adventure for a new wardrobe! I have to be honest though, I stole the idea behind this one from stylist and blogger, Sally, at Already Pretty. She did a post on this red skirt with a magenta blouse. I was standing in Old Navy (they had a 'Buy One Get One 75% off sale - perfect for trying to get a new wardrobe!) trying to think of and make outfits in my head.  I simply couldn't think of WHAT to do with this skirt! Then suddenly, I remember Sally's post a while back on THIS darling outfit she put together. I realized, I didn't need to make something match, I just had to find something bright red to go with it! So this is my reverse Sally outfit! 

Skirt: Old Navy
Shirt: Old Navy

Orangey-red shirt with cute ruffle detail from Old Navy.
I felt simply glowing in this outfit all day! Even took a spin on my bike in it! 


I've been super excited all week to post this! It's clean apple crisp!

My mom's apple crisp - clean style!
I was searching for the perfect CLEAN apple crisp recipe one day because I had been craving a fall sweet treat! I was looking online for quite a while and just wasn't finding any versions that I was happy with or that I thought were clean enough. I finally was about to give up and realized what I REALLY wanted was just my mom's apple crisp - but clean style! I called my mom up later and asked her for her recipe and began creating this clean apple crisp version of my own!

(This was large enough for two people - share it with a loved one on a cool fall day!)


1 Large Granny Smith Apple
1/4 Old Fashioned Oats
1/4 Almond Meal
1 Tsp Cinnamon
1 Tsp Nutmeg
3 Tbsp Coconut Oil
2 Tbsp Agave Syrup
1 Glass Round Oven Safe Dish

After thinking about this recipe later, I thought another good and healthy thing you could add is a spoonful of ground flax. I'll have to try that next time!

1. Peel apple and cut peeled apple pieces into glass dish.
2. Mix together dry ingredients (oats, almond meal, cinnamon, nutmeg)
3. Melt coconut oil in microwave (took me about 30 seconds on high)
4. Pour coconut oil and agave syrup into dry ingredients and mix well.

5. Spread this mixture evenly over the apples in the bowl as seen below.

6. Bake in oven at 350F until the top becomes a bit crunchy and the apples are visibly cooked.

Hope you are all having a spectacular Wednesday! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

A. Bikini. Body.

I FINISHED my Bikini Body Program with DAMY Health. I can't believe it! The 12 weeks flew by! I'm also LOVING the new me! I wanted to share with you all my final stats and before and after pictures! 

                  This was me 12 weeks ago.                                   This is me now.

An improvement? I'd say so! 
Just to stick with the idea of the program - it is called Bikini Body Program after all. Here you all have it!

Me in my new bikini!
Full body! Bikini from Victoria's Secret.
Wow! I wouldn't have been caught dead in one of these before! Much less on the internet!

I didn't start the DAMY Health program to be skinny, wear a size 6 pant or anything of that nature. I had set a goal a while back to firstly, lose the 15 lbs that I put on doing the job that I really disliked. I also wanted to make more muscle and lower my body fat percent. For a long time, I've wanted to be able to get my body fat percent in the "Fitness Zone". I did much more than that! I want to share with you all my TOTAL body transformation

This girl here weighed 159 lbs. She was a size 10 and had 26.5% body fat. She was athletic and loved biking, running, strength training and all activities that involved a physical challenge. She just didn't feel that her BODY represented what it could actually do! She had no problem getting out to exercise, she loved it! Her diet however, consisted of too much sugar and TOO much processed foods. She needed a change!

Bust: 36"
Hips: 42.5"
Waist: 29"
Weight: 159 lbs
Body fat percent: 26.5%
Pant size: 10

THIS girl weighs 139 lbs. She wears a size 6 and has 19.7% body fat. She is the same as the girl above. She has the same interests, does the same activities, and still loves challenging herself. This girl, however, feels like her outer self really represents her inner self. She is content with who she is and confident about her abilities. She feels HEALTHY, she is proud and happy of what she puts into her body and the way her body rewards her for treating it well. Some more about this girl:

Bust: 33 3/4"
Hips: 37:
Waist: 26.5"
Weight: 139 lbs
Body fat percent: 19.7%
Pant size: 6

What did I lose? 

5 1/2" in my hips
2 1/2" in my waist
2 1/4" in my bust
20 lbs
6.8% body fat
4 pant sizes

Total: 10 1/4"

What did I gain?


I'm a new girl. I'm a happy woman who feels like her outer self now represents the inner confident self that I've always been! This has been a complete change in my life that makes me so proud. Not only has the DAMY Health program changed MY appearance, it's changed my abilities. Physically, I am so much more capable of things I never thought I COULD do. I think back to my first DAMY Health workouts and how I struggled through many of them...but I did them! Now, I feel like I could hammer those workouts out with no problem! I've seen changes not only in my appearance but my abilities as an athlete. I can bike harder, run faster, endure more! Also, my body fat percent? That 19.7% beats the Fitness category. I'm into the ATHLETE category!

I've been asking myself a lot what?! Clearly, this isn't just a 12 week program for me. This is a lifestyle change. I was talking to some friends about my clothing and how none of it fits anymore. 

My skinny jeans: NOW on top, BEFORE on the bottom. Size 10 to a size 6.
Some of the people I spoke with suggested hanging onto my old clothes, "just in case I gained weight again." However, I THINK, why set yourself up for failure? Why GIVE YOURSELF the option to go back to before? I don't want to go back, I want to go forward. I want to improve more. Yesterday, I went out and bought a new wardrobe at an Old Navy sale. I bought size 6 pants, size SMALL skirts, size SMALL and EXTRA SMALL sweaters. Why would I want to go back? It felt SO good to say, "Do you have this in a size 6?" Amazing! Something I didn't think I would EVER be saying. Thoughts and words are powerful. Why CHOOSE to think that I MAY grow into my old pants Why give myself the option? I choose my health. I have CHOSEN what I want. As I said, this is a new lifestyle. It wasn't a temporary experiment. I CHOOSE to not give myself the option to fail! My old clothes? They are being sold on Ebay and in thrift stores. My new clothes? Here to stay!

In continuing with my LIFESTYLE change, I've made a decision for today. I'm putting ME first. I'm putting my health and wellbeing first. Today, I will be purchasing a year membership to the DAMY Lifestyle program. I will continue workouts and continue clean eating. I will continue forward! I feel some six pack abs are just a short bit away! :)

What about you? What will YOU choose today? Will you choose to go forward? Will you choose the you that YOU want to be? If the person you want to be involves a healthier you, than I recommend DAMY Health. As you can see, I've experienced firsthand the way that the DAMY Health program and all of their support changes lives! Don't wait! Choose you TODAY!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Featured. Goal. Getter: Mary. Sailors.

I am SO pleased to be able to introduce to everyone today my guest blogger, Featured Goal Getter Gurl and a close and personal friend, Mary Sailors! I met Mary at the gym (go figure) located across the street from where I used to live. We began speaking and instantly clicked and have been friends/co-encouragers ever since! She was one in the very first group of people who really encouraged me to go after what I want in life and pursue my passions. Mary is a group fitness instructor, Certified Punk Rope Instructor and WITS Certified Personal Trainer. Mary is a goal getter personified! She amazes me every day with her positivity, example of leadership in life and her do-er attitude! Mary has written us a post today about her goal-getting! Without further adieu: Mary's post!

Feeling Fit and fabu-lesss than…

No matter where you are on your journey, we all have those days. When we don’t want to go to the gym, when we WANT the French fries over the salad, when we may be doing what we can, but we are NOT inspired, we feel flat, blah and far from fabulous, we feel LESS than.

I have days like that and no one knows it! Many times, because I write about and speak about motivation and going after your goals, people think I have it all together, that I work out 24/7, that my diet is spot-on and I never have off days. But I DO have off days. I have days when I don’t get to the gym, save to work there and help OTHERS workout. There are days when I stand in my kitchen and look at spinach and chicken and just want to sit down with a giant chocolate sundae.  

Going after it when I don't FEEL like it! 
I have many goals that I have achieved in the past and many that I am working on now. When Alyssa asked me to talk about my goals, I didn’t know which one to talk about. Many that I have accomplished are pages worth of stories and can be read on my blog, many I am working on now, are in such early stages that I am not really talking about them. BUT, I was reminded by a friend the other night that God works through community and sharing with others can open doors, encourage people and is healthy! We share our burdens with others when we have that LESS than day and they pick us up!

A goal that I am working toward right now is to do my first competition in figure and bikini! It is something I thought I would NEVER DO! It’s a short enough story:

Early this year, a 49-year-old co-worker of mine was talking about doing her second figure competition. I saw her pictures from her first one and was astounded. Here was someone I knew who really worked hard, disciplined herself and rocked out her competition… well that stayed in the back of my head for months.

Then I went to NYC with some family in May and my brother snapped a picture of me licking chocolate from a Dunkin Donuts bag. It was a bit of a wake up call to me and when I came home I decided to make a change in my diet and workouts.  What happened, shouldn’t have been, but was a surprise! I started eating “clean”. Read my post on that here. I started to do a split workout instead of full body. I lost 10lbs and 8 percent body fat in 2 months and suddenly was in a place where, when I looked in the mirror and thought… I could do a figure competition. Not tomorrow, not next week, but I was well on my way and what was a goal out there “someday” was closer than expected.

What did I do? I took things one day at a time, I ate about 90% clean daily, I did my workouts daily, even if they were cut short, I did it them. I went when I was tired, I went when I was sad, I went when I was uninspired. I am getting closer and closer to my goal and am just a little way from having my first competition pinpointed. 

So, what do we do when we feel LESS than?

On My way! (Picture taken by AP Skyline Photography)

1) FOCUS: We keep our goal in front of us—literally, my “dreams” that I see are posted right above my computer and when I fall flat I look up and read  “These things are in my heart to do, and I feel called by God to do them. They seem so far away, but I know I am just seeing what is right in front of me…” and then I read my dreams listed as “ I see myself AS…. “  with a BIG list of all that’s in my heart I am working toward.

2) PLAN Ahead: We have a schedule and keep it as CLOSE as possible. Sure, some days, I fell short, but I KNOW that Monday’s I better be doing shoulders in the gym…even if I only get in 30 min. Life happens, but we have to plan ahead or we will fall out of the habits that will drive our dreams.

3) KEEP IT Simple. When we are uninspired, fall flat and feel like our goals are SO far away, we keep it simple. We do what we can, even the bare minimum is a move forward, but doing nothing is in actuality a step back. Keep it simple, get 'er done.

4) KEEP accountable: Track your food, track your workouts, email a friend to say, I did this like I said I would! AND TELL OTHERS about your dreams, your goals and your progress! It will inspire you to keep going and you allow others to support you in that community.

5) KEEP a checklist: Nothing motivates more than seeing ALL we have accomplished! Figure competitors actually feel very scrutinized because of how perfect they have to be, so many competitors focus on the good changes they see before they move forward and we ALL need to do the same. Maybe you didn’t get everything accomplished to meet your goal, but look back at all you did.

So when you fall flat, be inspired, power through, dig deep and use some of these practical tools and you will be surprised at how all your little steps and little days will walk you up to the door of your dreams before you know it!!

Mary is a fitness personality, trainer & coach who enjoys encouraging others to find their FIT and practice their joy. She writes about wellness,  fitness, faith and motivation at Fit this,! You can find her on twitter at @MaryFitthisgirl and on Facebook here

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ware. And. Fare. Wednesday.

As promised, my updated wardrobe piece and my new food! Here we go!


This is the outfit I put together for work the other day. I have NO pants right now! That's a lie. I actually FINALLY bought a pair of discounted pants today. My only work pants that I have that actually fit! I've been using my jeggings and dresses/skirts instead at work. This is what I put together with my HUE jeggings (I love them! Especially the shorts!) one day for work.

Black blazer: The Limited
Olive tank: Target
Scarf: Bought from the Clothes Closet at the food shelf, Neighbors!
Jeggings: HUE
Boots: Steve Madden (they only cost me $19! Yea sales!)

My coworker commented on how she liked my look! They also said that the olive color brought out my eye color! Sounds like I made a good choice!


Well... I have been cooking this week! NOTHING new again! Although, I have been looking up recipes for something I want to put together soon...yummmm I can't wait! It'll be a sweet treat and I'll have it when I finish my LAST week of the DAMY Health program! Don't worry, it's a CLEAN sweet treat! :)

For now, this is my new favorite hot beverage that keeps me warm in the fall rather than opting for a hot cocoa or some other hot sugary drink in the evening.

Herbal teas to keep you warm in the cold seasons!

Some hot HERBAL tea! No sugar added! There are really some GREAT flavors of herbal tea that will warm you up and taste great, sans the sugar buzz. Pictured here is a chamomile. One of my FAVORITE brands of teas are the Mighty Leaf teas. They make a YUMMY chamomile tea that I just love! It has hints of citrus in it and is so good! Highly recommend trying it if you haven't.

What foods or beverages do you consume to keep yourself warmed up on cool winter and fall nights?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I. Have. Butt. Muscles...Do. You?

Hey Everyone! I have had the following post saved in my posts since Saturday! I was waiting to get this picture off of an old CD that for some reason, my computer wouldn't read! I got the picture finally today! I hope you enjoy the post! I will be doing a Wednesday Ware and Fare tomorrow and then a GREAT post from a Featured Goal Getter Gurl after that! I can't wait!!! Enjoy!

Another check-in for me this week with my DAMY Health program! I always check-in with DAMY Health every Saturday, but I see it fitting to check in with you guys as well!

I discovered something new this week that I don't believe I ever knew: I have BUTT muscles!!! Yes, I do!!! I was stumbling around my apartment this week, trying to get ready and changing. I happened across my reflection in the mirror when I was looking to get some pants! I saw something I don't think I've EVER seen before in my LIFE! I have butt muscles!!! Yes, I actually saw, on the side of my hips/upper thigh and actual indentation to where my glutes start! Holy cow! What a shock! I was really pleased and realized that it really paid off this week being honest with myself! Honest about what I was really taking in and my sugar addiction. Cutting out many fruits and sweet snacks and increasing my veggies has really paid off! I have one more week to go with the DAMY Health Bikini Body Program. Just one more!! Wow, time has flown!

Ok, so kinda graphic but this is the upper part of my hip. You can slightly see the indentation in this pic!
                             Last Week                                                    This Week
                            Weight: 142                                                  Weight: 139

I really got to thinking after seeing my shots here today and thinking about my progress. I was thinking of looking at some before and after shots. I began looking through them and this is what I found!

                           Then                                                              Now

Firstly of course, my total body transformation. Who was THAT girl on the left?! 

These are the same shorts that I've been wearing in all of my weekend pics. I bought these in 2004. I was about the same weight here in 2004 and I HATED the way I looked in that picture. What is so amazing is that I'm the same weight now that I was there, but this time I'm MUSCLE! I can tell my legs are much more toned now. It's amazing how much smaller muscle versus fat really is! Another amazing thing? I took these shorts off today without unbuttoning them!

                                   My arm before...                 My arm on DAMY Health!

Grrrr! Have built me some arm muscles! I love it!

Finally, just for fun..and I have no before pic but...

BAM! I've slightly got abs! Yea! 

I can't believe how in just a few months I have changed so much! I think I am in the best physical shape I've ever been! All thanks to following DAMY Health's guidance and advice! It's time to consider getting a DAMY Lifestyle Program membership! If you are pondering a program too, don't hesitate! If you sign up now, you can be entered to win a FREE year membership and $500!  $500 to get into the best physical shape of your life AND discover a new found bliss! Why wouldn't you?!

Do you go back and look at former things that you created, pictures you have taken, goal lists you have made to determine how you've progressed? What have you discovered?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cleaning. Up. My. Clean.

Yesterday I mentioned that I wouldn't be having any of my Healthy Nutella for a bit. Why? Because I need to clean up my clean! With the DAMY Health clean eating program, as I mentioned in the past, you try and knock out processed foods and refined sugars. Basically, if you don't understand what the ingredients are in your food, you probably shouldn't be eating it! I've mentioned before that I was a sugar addict! You all saw my unhealthy habits before on my monthly spending posts. This clean eating has been a GREAT change! DAMY Health thus far has taken me from a size 10 to about a size 7-8! I just bought some size 8 pants the other weekend and they are already getting baggy on me! Argh! Good thing I didn't spend much! At present, they are the only pants I own that I can actually wear! Oh, besides my HUE jeggings, of course!

Mr. Clean...he knows what it's all about!
In my last weight update post, I said that I felt that I wasn't getting some of the results I wanted. I had to sit back and think about that and consider my effort. Previously, I wasn't following the EXACT portion sizes recommended by DAMY Health for where I am at in the program. This was because I was much more active in a different position at work and I was moving around, carrying, lifting and pulling heavy items all day long. Since then, I have gone back to my desk position and I am not as active. Of course, my body noticed! I spoke with DAMY Health and they thought it would be good for me to go back to the recommended portions...and I agree!

All about the portions! Eat foods in quantities they are meant to be eaten!
Not only did I have to acknowledge the change in my activity level at work, but I also had to be honest with myself; I was falling back into old sugar addict patterns. Was it refined sugar? No. It was natural sugar from fruits, agave syrups and clean snacks. Let's face it though, sugar is SUGAR! Fruit has basically become my new candy! DAMY has this wonderful Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard (clean version) that I swear I became addicted to...and not in a healthy way! So this is me, fessing up to my weaknesses and shortcomings. I'm okay with that because I am ONLY human! However, that doesn't mean that it is okay to continue those patterns. This week, I've cleaned up my act. Less fruits/snacks, MORE vegetables! I already notice the difference and once again, crave those sugars much less! I know that I was CERTAINLY a sugar addict before starting the clean eating program. When I started the first few days of the DAMY Health program, I had a headache for about 2-3 days! I'm certain I was going through a withdrawl of sugars and processed foods in my system. Many other bloggers agree! See this sugar addiction blog I found and their post on it here!



Now that I'm back on track, I'm feeling much better! It feels good to discuss my shortcomings and have a clean conscience! Human I am, relenting, I am not! I'll keep doing my best and putting forth all my effort!

Have you cleaned out your conscience lately with any bad habits? How did you fix your habits?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ware. And. Fare. Wednesday.

Back again with some groovy new duds and grubs!


Due to my lack of clothing that ACTUALLY fits me (I am selling most of them on Ebay!), I've been having to buy new items for my wardrobe! I bought this cute little dress at Target when on vacation in Colorado! I really liked the cut and colors for me! I paired it with some cute boots, a gray sweater and turquoise tights! A perfect fall weather day outfit!

Dress: Target (the belt is attached and comes with dress!)
Tights: Got these at Buffalo Exchange! (Snagged some HUE tights as well! Love those!)
Boots: Steve Madden
Sweater: Express

And yes, it has my favorite feature...pockets!
Without sweater.
Yummy DAMY Health Recipe!
I once again lost some creativity this week with cooking! Just haven't had the time to work on something new! I did, however, steal one of DAMY's recipes again this week for snacks! Although, I am not going to be eating much of this for a while (explanation to follow in a post tomorrow). DAMY has a WONDERFUL clean version of Nutella! A great and clean snack to eat with an apple or maybe a brown rice cake. Or whatever your heart desires (well, to an extent if you want it to be clean)! I made this and I've got to say it is YUMMY! You should check it out on DAMY's blog here! Just click on blog and in the search box type in Healthy Nutella. If you purchase a DAMY health program, you'll get recipes like that and so MANY more!! She just recently made a clean cinnamon bun recipe! Can't WAIT to try that sometime!

What are your favorite clean eating treats?!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rome. Wasn't. Built. In. A. Day.

I missed you guys yesterday on my check in with my DAMY Health clean eating program! To tell you the truth, I was feeling a bit frustrated yesterday! Yes...I actually do get frustrated. Even though I'm a huge optimist, I still have days/fleeting moments where I get frustrated about something or a bit down. I did my weigh in yesterday and I'm up to 142. I was debating whether or not this was muscle gained or simple fluctuation of my weight (I did bike to the gym after all). Especially because I've been putting in a lot of time at the gym. I did my weekly check-in with DAMY Health (every week I get to check-in with DAMY and I get lovely replies and guidance back! Not to mention that I can email with questions at any point.). I was feeling a bit frustrated yesterday and was feeling that I hadn't made progress and was actually going backwards.While at the gym, I decided to check in with my body fat percent again. Down from 23.6% to 21.9%! I couldn't believe it! Then I came home and started looking back at pics. I realized that I am making HUGE progress and I just need to give it some time and be patient - which is not my strength. I took a glance at these progress pictures though and realized I've come a long way and there is no reason to get down. I can continue following the plan for my last 2 weeks and I know I'll continue to see progress!

                   Starting                                      6 Weeks                           Today - 10 Weeks

I also did some updated measurements. My waist and bust are holding steady at 27" and 34". My hips were up to 37.5". I'm hopeful that I built some booty muscle! :) After all, I've been doing huge amounts of leg and booty workouts! From these pictures though, I see really how far my trouble spots have come! My legs look completely different!

Another piece of my world frustrating me yesterday was my business. I know that Rome wasn't built in a day and it takes a bit for the word to get out, but I had no tours this weekend. It was really frustrating. I continue to be hopeful. I have an article coming out about my business on Tuesday and tomorrow I have an interview with another newspaper! Fingers crossed! I also had some good marketing opportunities and potential clients yesterday. This girl does not give in easy!

Which brings me to this: what is the one thing in my life that when I'm feeling a little blue or out of sorts, snaps me back into a good mood? 


Hardcore biker chicks do it in skirts!!!
To help get me back into a better mood and since I had no tours yesterday, I participated in Babes In Bikeland. An all female alley cat race throughout Minneapolis. I've done several alley cat races in Minneapolis and I've always been disqualified because I never get to the finish line on time! I usually get lost in parts of Minneapolis and probably wasn't the fastest either. 

Yesterday I was determined to finish in time and not ONLY did I finish in time, but I also finished in the top 50! 
After a long but rapid race!
Of course...Minneapolis By Bike was there representin'!
I am quite certain that my DAMY Health workout program has had a lot to do with my increase in endurance and speed! Even with my running I've noticed that I have come leaps and bounds when it comes to speed! Part of one of the stops yesterday was to do push-ups down a hill. I whipped that out like no other! I'm a buff mama due to strength training and interval workouts! Woohoo!

That was me - #218!
Wore it proudly on a buff arm!
Dirty biking girl legs! I hit my chain a bit too much carrying my bike!
One thing I learned when I finished in about 1 hr and 45 mins was that the people that come in the top 50 get a poster! I didn't even know such things happened! I guess it pays to be in the top 50! Here I am with my poster in the tube! I don't want to take it out because I want to get it framed!

Me and my poster! I'm also wearing my Babes In Bikeland racerback shirt! Yea!
Despite feeling a little blue yesterday about things that aren't even in my control, it ended up being quite a brilliant day. Was so pleased with my finish at the race! I also realized looking at my pictures, that I in fact, HAVE come a long way with my body/diet changes. I'll keep plugging away and I know I'll continue to see results!

What tactics do you have when it comes to patience? How do you keep yourself motivated and on the path to fulfilling your passions when things just don't seem to be going "your way"?

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

New. Wear. And. Fare. Wednesday.

Back to talk clothes and food with you guys! I am excited about these ones this week!

Do you see my underwear in these pants? Of course you don’t! Why? Because I am wearing underwear from the Victoria’s Secret Yoga Line! I recently popped into Victoria’s Secret for a new strapless bra as I had out shrunk my old one. I easily became distracted by their sportswear line. I was looking at their panties and saw these really awesome, breathable and most importantly comfortable underwear for working out! I tried a pair on and was immediately won over. They are mid-rise and full booty coverage (but also come in a thong variety - I personally prefer to workout in full booty coverage!) They have a very comfortable wide elastic waistband, fun colors/designs and the most exciting part is that the panty lines do not show through my spandex workout pants! I walked out with 4 pair.

Comfy wide waistband!
3 different designs
I also took a look at their yoga pants line and spoke with the representative in the store. The pants that they had did not come with drawstrings which I discussed with her. I find this to be problematic as the pants that I have now have drawstrings. As I’ve lost weight, I’ve found these drawstrings have come in handy. The representative said that Victoria’s Secret had become aware of this and that they are soon going to be coming out with yoga pants with drawstrings. One other thing that I think they had was a pocket in back. For us runner girls, pockets are essential. I think they were just opened pockets with no closure though. A back booty zipper pocket could be a great addition! Attention Victoria’s Secret! Please send me some drawstring yoga pants to try out! :) 

I made a new creation this week! I had a discussion on instant messenger with a guy friend of mine who is also into fitness. In following my DAMY Health clean eating program, I have been eating a lot of egg whites lately and have found that I miss the yolks. Of course, it’s not the worst thing ever, so I still just eat the egg whites. I asked him how eats them to which he responded, “With hashbrowns!” I started laughing and said, “Well, I can’t eat hashbrowns!” Then I paused and thought to myself, “You can eat hashbrowns, Alyssa! Sweet potatoes to the rescue!” The following morning I started my creation. I was thinking about what we normally have sweet potatoes with at Thanksgiving. Marshmallows and good stuff. I knew there was a nutritional way I could add some more flavor. This is what I came up with:

Firstly, I peeled the skin from the sweet potato. I next utilized my cheese grater to shred the sweet potato into hashbrowns. I put a little bit of olive oil in my pan and placed the shredded sweet potatoes on top. I then flattened them into a hashbrown-like pancake and drizzled a smidge more of olive oil on top. I also seared some apple slices in the pan next to it. Just placed them on the pan until slightly browned and soft. When the hashbrowns were done, I put them on my plate, placed the seared apples on top and then sprinkled some cinnamon on top of it all. I also was thinking a little agave syrup, cinnamon and apple bits could be put in to a food processor then heated in the microwave or possibly a pan with some olive oil to create an apple crisp - like sauce and then placed on top of the potatoes for a real treat! I scrambled some egg whites and sprinkled with pepper and a dash of salt. I added to the side, the rest of my cut up apple slices! A great way to start the morning! This gave me some other great ideas for some new breakfasts that I will be cooking up soon! I will keep you all in the know! I realized, with following the DAMY Health program, I really DON’T have to go without! I still can eat most of the foods that I used to love and enjoy - I’m just eating a way more nutritional (and in a lot of cases - better tasting!!) versions of them that keep me being the best functioning and healthful me I can be! I hope some of you get to try this as well!

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