Wednesday, September 07, 2011

New. Wear. And. Fare. Wednesday.

Back to talk clothes and food with you guys! I am excited about these ones this week!

Do you see my underwear in these pants? Of course you don’t! Why? Because I am wearing underwear from the Victoria’s Secret Yoga Line! I recently popped into Victoria’s Secret for a new strapless bra as I had out shrunk my old one. I easily became distracted by their sportswear line. I was looking at their panties and saw these really awesome, breathable and most importantly comfortable underwear for working out! I tried a pair on and was immediately won over. They are mid-rise and full booty coverage (but also come in a thong variety - I personally prefer to workout in full booty coverage!) They have a very comfortable wide elastic waistband, fun colors/designs and the most exciting part is that the panty lines do not show through my spandex workout pants! I walked out with 4 pair.

Comfy wide waistband!
3 different designs
I also took a look at their yoga pants line and spoke with the representative in the store. The pants that they had did not come with drawstrings which I discussed with her. I find this to be problematic as the pants that I have now have drawstrings. As I’ve lost weight, I’ve found these drawstrings have come in handy. The representative said that Victoria’s Secret had become aware of this and that they are soon going to be coming out with yoga pants with drawstrings. One other thing that I think they had was a pocket in back. For us runner girls, pockets are essential. I think they were just opened pockets with no closure though. A back booty zipper pocket could be a great addition! Attention Victoria’s Secret! Please send me some drawstring yoga pants to try out! :) 

I made a new creation this week! I had a discussion on instant messenger with a guy friend of mine who is also into fitness. In following my DAMY Health clean eating program, I have been eating a lot of egg whites lately and have found that I miss the yolks. Of course, it’s not the worst thing ever, so I still just eat the egg whites. I asked him how eats them to which he responded, “With hashbrowns!” I started laughing and said, “Well, I can’t eat hashbrowns!” Then I paused and thought to myself, “You can eat hashbrowns, Alyssa! Sweet potatoes to the rescue!” The following morning I started my creation. I was thinking about what we normally have sweet potatoes with at Thanksgiving. Marshmallows and good stuff. I knew there was a nutritional way I could add some more flavor. This is what I came up with:

Firstly, I peeled the skin from the sweet potato. I next utilized my cheese grater to shred the sweet potato into hashbrowns. I put a little bit of olive oil in my pan and placed the shredded sweet potatoes on top. I then flattened them into a hashbrown-like pancake and drizzled a smidge more of olive oil on top. I also seared some apple slices in the pan next to it. Just placed them on the pan until slightly browned and soft. When the hashbrowns were done, I put them on my plate, placed the seared apples on top and then sprinkled some cinnamon on top of it all. I also was thinking a little agave syrup, cinnamon and apple bits could be put in to a food processor then heated in the microwave or possibly a pan with some olive oil to create an apple crisp - like sauce and then placed on top of the potatoes for a real treat! I scrambled some egg whites and sprinkled with pepper and a dash of salt. I added to the side, the rest of my cut up apple slices! A great way to start the morning! This gave me some other great ideas for some new breakfasts that I will be cooking up soon! I will keep you all in the know! I realized, with following the DAMY Health program, I really DON’T have to go without! I still can eat most of the foods that I used to love and enjoy - I’m just eating a way more nutritional (and in a lot of cases - better tasting!!) versions of them that keep me being the best functioning and healthful me I can be! I hope some of you get to try this as well!

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