Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rome. Wasn't. Built. In. A. Day.

I missed you guys yesterday on my check in with my DAMY Health clean eating program! To tell you the truth, I was feeling a bit frustrated yesterday! Yes...I actually do get frustrated. Even though I'm a huge optimist, I still have days/fleeting moments where I get frustrated about something or a bit down. I did my weigh in yesterday and I'm up to 142. I was debating whether or not this was muscle gained or simple fluctuation of my weight (I did bike to the gym after all). Especially because I've been putting in a lot of time at the gym. I did my weekly check-in with DAMY Health (every week I get to check-in with DAMY and I get lovely replies and guidance back! Not to mention that I can email with questions at any point.). I was feeling a bit frustrated yesterday and was feeling that I hadn't made progress and was actually going backwards.While at the gym, I decided to check in with my body fat percent again. Down from 23.6% to 21.9%! I couldn't believe it! Then I came home and started looking back at pics. I realized that I am making HUGE progress and I just need to give it some time and be patient - which is not my strength. I took a glance at these progress pictures though and realized I've come a long way and there is no reason to get down. I can continue following the plan for my last 2 weeks and I know I'll continue to see progress!

                   Starting                                      6 Weeks                           Today - 10 Weeks

I also did some updated measurements. My waist and bust are holding steady at 27" and 34". My hips were up to 37.5". I'm hopeful that I built some booty muscle! :) After all, I've been doing huge amounts of leg and booty workouts! From these pictures though, I see really how far my trouble spots have come! My legs look completely different!

Another piece of my world frustrating me yesterday was my business. I know that Rome wasn't built in a day and it takes a bit for the word to get out, but I had no tours this weekend. It was really frustrating. I continue to be hopeful. I have an article coming out about my business on Tuesday and tomorrow I have an interview with another newspaper! Fingers crossed! I also had some good marketing opportunities and potential clients yesterday. This girl does not give in easy!

Which brings me to this: what is the one thing in my life that when I'm feeling a little blue or out of sorts, snaps me back into a good mood? 


Hardcore biker chicks do it in skirts!!!
To help get me back into a better mood and since I had no tours yesterday, I participated in Babes In Bikeland. An all female alley cat race throughout Minneapolis. I've done several alley cat races in Minneapolis and I've always been disqualified because I never get to the finish line on time! I usually get lost in parts of Minneapolis and probably wasn't the fastest either. 

Yesterday I was determined to finish in time and not ONLY did I finish in time, but I also finished in the top 50! 
After a long but rapid race!
Of course...Minneapolis By Bike was there representin'!
I am quite certain that my DAMY Health workout program has had a lot to do with my increase in endurance and speed! Even with my running I've noticed that I have come leaps and bounds when it comes to speed! Part of one of the stops yesterday was to do push-ups down a hill. I whipped that out like no other! I'm a buff mama due to strength training and interval workouts! Woohoo!

That was me - #218!
Wore it proudly on a buff arm!
Dirty biking girl legs! I hit my chain a bit too much carrying my bike!
One thing I learned when I finished in about 1 hr and 45 mins was that the people that come in the top 50 get a poster! I didn't even know such things happened! I guess it pays to be in the top 50! Here I am with my poster in the tube! I don't want to take it out because I want to get it framed!

Me and my poster! I'm also wearing my Babes In Bikeland racerback shirt! Yea!
Despite feeling a little blue yesterday about things that aren't even in my control, it ended up being quite a brilliant day. Was so pleased with my finish at the race! I also realized looking at my pictures, that I in fact, HAVE come a long way with my body/diet changes. I'll keep plugging away and I know I'll continue to see results!

What tactics do you have when it comes to patience? How do you keep yourself motivated and on the path to fulfilling your passions when things just don't seem to be going "your way"?

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