Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I. Have. Butt. Muscles...Do. You?

Hey Everyone! I have had the following post saved in my posts since Saturday! I was waiting to get this picture off of an old CD that for some reason, my computer wouldn't read! I got the picture finally today! I hope you enjoy the post! I will be doing a Wednesday Ware and Fare tomorrow and then a GREAT post from a Featured Goal Getter Gurl after that! I can't wait!!! Enjoy!

Another check-in for me this week with my DAMY Health program! I always check-in with DAMY Health every Saturday, but I see it fitting to check in with you guys as well!

I discovered something new this week that I don't believe I ever knew: I have BUTT muscles!!! Yes, I do!!! I was stumbling around my apartment this week, trying to get ready and changing. I happened across my reflection in the mirror when I was looking to get some pants! I saw something I don't think I've EVER seen before in my LIFE! I have butt muscles!!! Yes, I actually saw, on the side of my hips/upper thigh and actual indentation to where my glutes start! Holy cow! What a shock! I was really pleased and realized that it really paid off this week being honest with myself! Honest about what I was really taking in and my sugar addiction. Cutting out many fruits and sweet snacks and increasing my veggies has really paid off! I have one more week to go with the DAMY Health Bikini Body Program. Just one more!! Wow, time has flown!

Ok, so kinda graphic but this is the upper part of my hip. You can slightly see the indentation in this pic!
                             Last Week                                                    This Week
                            Weight: 142                                                  Weight: 139

I really got to thinking after seeing my shots here today and thinking about my progress. I was thinking of looking at some before and after shots. I began looking through them and this is what I found!

                           Then                                                              Now

Firstly of course, my total body transformation. Who was THAT girl on the left?! 

These are the same shorts that I've been wearing in all of my weekend pics. I bought these in 2004. I was about the same weight here in 2004 and I HATED the way I looked in that picture. What is so amazing is that I'm the same weight now that I was there, but this time I'm MUSCLE! I can tell my legs are much more toned now. It's amazing how much smaller muscle versus fat really is! Another amazing thing? I took these shorts off today without unbuttoning them!

                                   My arm before...                 My arm on DAMY Health!

Grrrr! Have built me some arm muscles! I love it!

Finally, just for fun..and I have no before pic but...

BAM! I've slightly got abs! Yea! 

I can't believe how in just a few months I have changed so much! I think I am in the best physical shape I've ever been! All thanks to following DAMY Health's guidance and advice! It's time to consider getting a DAMY Lifestyle Program membership! If you are pondering a program too, don't hesitate! If you sign up now, you can be entered to win a FREE year membership and $500!  $500 to get into the best physical shape of your life AND discover a new found bliss! Why wouldn't you?!

Do you go back and look at former things that you created, pictures you have taken, goal lists you have made to determine how you've progressed? What have you discovered?

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