Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ware. And. Fare. Wednesday.

As promised, my updated wardrobe piece and my new food! Here we go!


This is the outfit I put together for work the other day. I have NO pants right now! That's a lie. I actually FINALLY bought a pair of discounted pants today. My only work pants that I have that actually fit! I've been using my jeggings and dresses/skirts instead at work. This is what I put together with my HUE jeggings (I love them! Especially the shorts!) one day for work.

Black blazer: The Limited
Olive tank: Target
Scarf: Bought from the Clothes Closet at the food shelf, Neighbors!
Jeggings: HUE
Boots: Steve Madden (they only cost me $19! Yea sales!)

My coworker commented on how she liked my look! They also said that the olive color brought out my eye color! Sounds like I made a good choice!


Well... I have been cooking this week! NOTHING new again! Although, I have been looking up recipes for something I want to put together soon...yummmm I can't wait! It'll be a sweet treat and I'll have it when I finish my LAST week of the DAMY Health program! Don't worry, it's a CLEAN sweet treat! :)

For now, this is my new favorite hot beverage that keeps me warm in the fall rather than opting for a hot cocoa or some other hot sugary drink in the evening.

Herbal teas to keep you warm in the cold seasons!

Some hot HERBAL tea! No sugar added! There are really some GREAT flavors of herbal tea that will warm you up and taste great, sans the sugar buzz. Pictured here is a chamomile. One of my FAVORITE brands of teas are the Mighty Leaf teas. They make a YUMMY chamomile tea that I just love! It has hints of citrus in it and is so good! Highly recommend trying it if you haven't.

What foods or beverages do you consume to keep yourself warmed up on cool winter and fall nights?

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