Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paint Spill

The last 24 hours have been, well hellacious. My "simple" project of painting a bookshelf turned into an all night project when I tipped over the paint can. Oops! While this does not involve eliminating objects or being thrifty, to me, it's part of my being organized project. I would like to be happy in my new home. I painted my bookshelf, radiator cover and a back wall to a built-in unit. It's going to look really nice when I get my photography hung up there!
I also accomplished a few more things in the process today. I eliminated more clothing, my closet is organized so everything will be kept inside (see pics below) and I also was able to sell more books today! It makes me enthusiastic to know that even this clothing will be cut down when I make edits with Sally.

The above mentioned Sally project is still and progress and I did some work on it today as well. I realized I have clothes that actually have been waiting to be washed for approximately one year. Yes, I said ONE year! Why? They are hand wash only and I could never bring myself to do it. I always had so many other things going on or by the time I got home from work, I simply did not have the motivation. That said, today I cleaned my one year old dirty clothes. They had been sitting in a laundry basket for all that time. From now on, I will avoid hand wash only clothing. It's just not very easy-maintenance friendly.

More ambitious projects are lined up for tomorrow: heading to the dry cleaner and tailors. I have buttons from coats that need to be sewn on. Now, that is not very thrifty but I will say this: one of them is pleather, I prefer not to mess with that when it comes to sewing on a button. The other coat I have attempted to sew the button on once before and it just fell off within a week or so. I think  it needs a heavy duty sewing, I'll leave this to the professionals.

With respect to the Sally project, I would like to get my clothing looking in order before we do an edit of it. The new skill to be learned? Hemming pants. My sister-in-law recently took a jab at me because this is the Alyssa method of hemming pants:
Hemming - Alyssa Style

SAFETY PINS! I know she is right but I lack the skills (not to mention the sewing machine), so safety pins it is! She did tell me about this glue-type stuff they sell at Walmart for this, I just can't bring myself to do my clothes though. I'm pretty certain, however, that I have an Aunt or Grandma that can teach me these skills. I need to get this taken care of before Sally discovers my safety pins!

There is a lot on the plate for tomorrow so I shall bid you all a farewell as I will need my energy for the day's work ahead of me.

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