Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh no! My board is blank!

The other day, I posted about feeling frustrated about not having worked on some goals I need to be working towards. I have been losing some motivation in other areas as well. I will discuss this later.

While I have my large goal board which identifies longer term goals, another tool that I've been utilizing to accomplish everyday mini-goals is my whiteboard. It hangs on my door and I see it every day when I come and go. I like to write mini-goals that I would like to accomplish every day in working towards accomplishing the larger goals.

The whiteboard came with a marker (of course) which has a teeny tiny eraser at the end. This teeny tiny eraser gives me HUGE satisfaction. I use it to wipe out every mini-goal that I accomplish! It signifies another task completed, bringing me one step closer to the finish line! 

Lately, I've been letting these mini-goals slide and I haven't been writing anything down. Could this be contributing to the lack of motivation I've been feeling? Not having any sense of accomplishment can feel, well...let's face it, uninspiring. Completing some task, albeit small, gives me a great sense of joy and pride and reminds me what I'm working towards! 

Today, I've decided that the whiteboard mini-goals are BACK! Every day, a new mini-goal will be placed up and with hope, erased!

My previously mentioned other areas of slipping?

I've been letting myself slip with my food and thrifty eating lately as well. I played dodgeball till late last night and therefore grabbed a slice of pizza from Pizza Luce. Pizza Luce has AMAZING pizza, I highly recommend it. You can even buy it by the slice which is ideal for someone living on a budget. Now, just eating Pizza Luce wouldn't have been a problem, however getting back late last night also lead me to not cook something for today for lunch. I ended up getting Chinese takeout. Le sigh. Tonight, I made a command decision to change that!

I stopped by the grocery store down the road and purchased Thousand Hills Cattle Company ground beef. Yes, it is a bit pricier than regular beef. However, it is locally raised cattle and also all of the cows are grass fed and not given hormones or antibiotics. How great is that?! I spent $7.99 for a 16 oz pack of 18/15 lean beef and it was well worth it. I do not purchase beef often so when I do, I am willing to do my part to contribute to the environment. I also know for a fact that they sell it at the Kingfield Market in the summer. Check them out and do your part! Support your local farmers (my Grandpa was one) and the environment! Even though I live on a budget and don't buy beef often, when I do, I try and spring for the good stuff and make it a locally raised and environmentally friendly choice.

I purchased the beef today because I decided that I could make chili. I had all of the other ingredients at home. I put half of the package of the beef in a pot and cooked it with some diced onion. I made the rest of the beef into two patties and threw them in the freezer for another day. I then added a package of my frozen already-prepared kidney beans, a can of white beans, 2 cans of diced tomato, a green pepper that was soon to go bad, a lot of chili powder, some pepper and garlic powder and there you have it: chili! :) Now I have some lunch for tomorrow too!

Do you have your own "whiteboard" at home? How do you ensure you are achieving small steps to work towards your big goals everyday?

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