Wednesday, July 06, 2011

New. Wear. And. Fare. Wednesday.

Hi Everyone! I've had a bit of a break from blogging but it's only because I've been very productive! Also, because the blog post I had in mind took me some time!!! That will be coming tomorrow. I've been doing some other work on other aspects of my life so that is what has been keeping me busy - not to mention all the laundry and cleaning I had to catch up on this past weekend (plus a visit to the beach with friends!). I did however, get the opportunity to complete some new wear and fare! So here it is!


I blogged about this dress in the past and have yet to wear it out! Now that it's nice and toasty hot here, I took this out to wear to work!  It's a batik dress designed by my friend, Sonya, who lives in Australia and these were made in Indonesia. Her brand is Olive Branch. She sent it to me specially for my birthday. See her other stuff here. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of Sonya's items, feel free to email me!

Dress from Olive Branch - Sonya

Braided belt - I believe I purchased this one from Target.

Sandals - Hand me downs from my big sis!


My friend, Mary (see her at Fit This Girl!), and I got together this weekend and made an amazing meal! It was a Quinoa Summer Salad from the blog Gluten Free Goddess! I have to say, I've been looking over her meals and they all look so AMAZING! I will definitely be adding her to the blogs I like list! Please do check out the blog!

Added fresh basil from my garden to this recipe!

Rolling and cutting the basil.

Mary stirring up the quinoa.

Yummy! Delicious new fare on the weekend!

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