Tuesday, November 08, 2011

OOOOh A. Giveaway! A. Giveaway!

Recently, I met with Ryan Ott, Mr. IamMNnice! Find him on Facebook here or follow him on Twitter at IamMNnice. I had donated 2 adult bike tours to him for the IamMNnice giveaways! Ryan spends his time interviewing local small businesses and areas in Minnesota as a way to promote them and bring them more attention. He also wants to give special attention to the phrase, "I am Minnesota nice." "Minnesota nice" is a term long given to Minnesotans as we have a reputation of being nice to others! Over the years, however, it has developed a negative connotation as people who aren't, "nice," rather "passive aggressive". Ryan and I agreed that it's unfortunate that the phrase has been turned into such a negative context. So what is he trying to do? Bring MN nice back! If anyone can do it, I believe that he is the man! If you are MN nice and want to bring back the positivity to this message, not only can you do it with actions alone but you can also purchase one of Ryan's shirts, wear it with pride, and make MN nice a positive phrase again! Check out Ryan's merchandise here. You can also attempt to be one of the lucky winners of one of his upcoming giveaways!

Ryan did an interview with me about my business as well!! Here it is folks!

Ryan and I were speaking about our different projects and I had mentioned to him that I wanted to do a giveaway and was looking for my first for my blog! He sure does exemplify Minnesota Nice!! Without a second thought he handed over an IamMNnice shirt and button to do a giveaway! Yea!

I LOVE this IamMNnice shirt! Only problem is that I don't wear t-shirts too much. I am going to get mine made into a tank! I love wearing tanks and can even wear them in the winter with sweaters! I most certainly will be wearing this one this winter and showing off my MN nice in apparel AND actions! :)

But guess what guys?! Thanks to Ryan, you can all have the chance to win one of these t-shirts OR the button! You can decide if you want to makeover your IamMNnice shirt! :) The shirt is a size MEDIUM. I'm doing these as 2 separate items as the shirt may not fit everyone.



To be eligible for this giveaway you have to do these 3 things:

1. "LIKE" IamMNnice on Facebook
2. Comment on this post sharing how you exemplify "Minnesota Nice". Also state whether you would like the pin or the shirt.
3. SHARE this GoalGetterGurl post on your Facebook page so that others may join in! :)

I am going to be doing the drawings on Saturday of everyone who is entered!

Closing time on the drawing is Friday, November 11th at 12am - Midnight! Do it up!

Please leave an email with your comment so I have a way of contacting you to give you your won item!

Good luck everyone!
Even if you don't win...keep being MN nice! :)

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