Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I wasn't as productive as I hoped to be tonight. I was out having some fun for a friend's birthday. I did have a really good time and I was glad I got out and celebrated with him for his birthday because I missed it last year. 

I am quite conflicted though about it. It led me to a new question today, how much thrifty behavior is too much? Why do I feel guilty about having gone out and spending $13 ($5 on entry and I left $8 for a drink plus tip)? I don't think that this thrifty behavior should impede on my social life, but why I am I left feeling pangs of guilt for a beating on my bank account?

I've devised some plans for outings with friends for other circumstances. I normally would invite people out to eat for a drink or a meal in the past. Now, I think I will try and invite friends to my place to make breakfasts, brunch or other meals. That way I can still be social yet thrifty. For parties, I can try and make homemade cheaper items (I have an interesting book that shares some good recipes).

I've been able to resist a lot of temptation to spend money over the past week. Overlooking cafes, trying not to look as I passed by bakeries or old favorite hangouts, walking straight through stores to exactly what I need so as to not be tempted by other items. 

However, what do people do when it comes to events such as birthdays, barbecues, going away parties, or whatever other circumstance there may be? When is being thrifty...TOO thrifty?

This left me pondering what solutions other people might have for going out with friends to a restaurant or a bar for these types of occasions. Does anyone else have any suggestions? 

What is your way of having a social life, yet still being true to your thrifty ways?

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