Monday, January 24, 2011

Big D's Master Plan

Ok readers, I'm back! No, I wasn't slacking all weekend or "out in the club gettin' tipsy." I was quite productive actually! I can't blog EVERY day of the week if I'm to accomplish my goals. ;)

This weekend was Big D's Master Plan weekend. My Dad, (Big D as I sometimes call him), developed a plan for bed frame that I was needing to utilize space more efficiently in my apartment. I had this brilliant idea for a bed frame that would slide in and out. As a couch when pushed in, as a bed when pulled out. Basically, I was the creative thinking and my Dad was the genius behind this bed frame that we spent most of this weekend constructing and putting into action. I'll run you guys through the steps:

Step 1
Devise your master plan. If ever my father will be building you something, there will be a master    plan. I'm not criticizing. This is what has avoided mistakes time and time again. One of the many things learned from my father? Always draw it out and make a plan!

Big D's Master Plan
Step 2
Cut it. I'm pretty sure measuring fell somewhere before here but I have no pictures of that. ;)

Step 3
Screw it. And I don't mean in the, "Ah! Screw it!" kind of way.

Step 4
Lay it out and make adjustments.

Step 5
Install it.

Step 6
Enjoy the vision of your work.

Step 7
Have a beer! I really should have invited Dad to one but Mom was in a hurry to leave. Next time, Dad! (Oh as a side note, the beer cost nothing. Had it leftover in my fridge from NYE! Yippee!) The bed still has some minor adjustments to be made. Handles, a paint job and a couple of other things. When that is complete, I'll post a final pic. Also, I did do a lot more helping than what it appears in the don't go feeling all bad for Big D.  ;) Someone had to document it though! Big Momma (yep, I call her that sometimes too) was our cheerleader. Don't worry though, she's more than willing to dive in and help. She took my curtains with her and is hemming them up to the length I need and is going to help me hem my pants up later. Thanks Mom and're the best!

I realize that making this bed frame took some money, but this was actually a wise investment and the money may be returned. My landlord indicated she may like me to leave this here when I move out so that the next person can use it. I agreed on the condition that she pay for the supplies. I am keeping the receipts and should she wish that I keep the frame here, the investment in the supplies will later be returned to me! 

With regards to food, I still have not had to go grocery shopping. I have stock frozen that I'll probably make a soup with tomorrow and today I used the cheapest food available for meals: eggs. Today was cut up onions and green peppers with eggs. I also made some quesadillas to go with it. I made the tortillas from scratch which I've decided to do from now on as when I buy whole packages, I never finish them and they go to waste. Additional bonus? No plastic bag to toss out. Tortillas are super easy! I'll explain below.

Tortilla press

Cooking a tortilla up

To make your own tortillas you'll need:

Tortilla press
1 bag of Maseca (you can get this at any Latin American market and most Cub Foods and other grocery stores carry it as well)
Valentino's hot sauce (if desired)

Mix the Maseca and water. I don't really have any certain quantity I put, it depends on how many tortillas I need to make. You just need to mix them with your hands (I start with a fork then move to my hands) and make sure the dough is neither too sticky or too dry. Should be just in between. Sometimes at this point, I'll add some Valentino's hot sauce for a little extra kick. Sprinkle a small amount of Maseca on each side of the tortilla press so the tortillas do not stick. Make a small ball of dough and place in the tortilla press. Close cover and press down. Voila! You have a tortilla. Cook it on the stove, each side until it appears cooked (not too cooked though, should just turn white and be a little stiff).  Hope some of you can try this! I love fresh corn tortillas!

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