Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Wardrobe workout.

The last couple of days I've been focused on accomplishing some of the goals that Sally and I had set together with regards to my wardrobe. Thus far this week, I have put on the outfits that we put together. I am feeling great to be me! :)

One of the topics that Sally and I discussed was certain wardrobe basics that I may be missing and other wardrobe items I should look for in the future that are best suited to my body shape. One of those items was A-line and full skirts. Yesterday, I went and sold some of the items that Sally and I decided my wardrobe would be best without. I got store credit at Buffalo Exchange in Minneapolis and began to look for some other clothing more suited for my body. I did find a really cute navy blue full skirt. It is a little too big in the waist, but I will have it taken in. I also found a pair of tights I really loved that would compliment my outfits and a magenta shirt to use for layering. There was a yellow purse that caught my attention and I think will work great with my wardrobe! Lately, I was feeling as though I need invest in some more "grown up" purses than the ones that I currently have! As soon as I got home, I began trying to create outfits following the guidelines I was given. I hope I have done Sally proud! Here is what I came up with:

The search for boots that are a better fit for me will continue and I think a stop at Goodwill is in order for this week or weekend. After utilizing my store credit, I only paid $4.99 for my items at Buffalo Exchange. I'll try to sell the remaining items at Everyday People.

In other news, I've still been working on my thrifty cooking plan. I made bread pudding one night out of eggs that were about to go bad and some older/dry bread. I didn't know bread pudding was so easy... AND cheap! Find the recipe here. My friend Mary and I went out for a morning run one day in the bitter MN cold and we went to my place after and had some bread pudding and coffee! Such a nice morning!

Last night, I threw together some of my leftover pizza/pasta sauce that I had frozen since I last made my pizza. I had leftover rice from the peanut stir fry that I made the other day and extra green and red peppers and onions. I mixed it all together in a sauce pan and heated it up. It was actually quite tasty. I was hoping that I had a green pepper to stuff it into, but no such luck. Maybe next time!

Today, I was not as prepared as usual and did not make any lunch for work! I had gone and bought some blueberries for sale the other day at the grocery store, so I brought those in my lunch bag.  A major weakness of mine created a mishap and I bought some Girl Scout cookies. They are so addicting! So, I packed a couple of those. I thought I could grab some takeout from the Chinese Restaurant next door as they have cheap lunch deals but realized that a loaf of bread would probably go a much longer way than any Chinese takeout. So, I will march myself over to the grocery store during lunch break and grab a loaf of bread and peanut butter. Sandwiches for the rest of the week! :) Chinese food, I will miss you! Bread, you will keep me fed longer!

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  1. These new outfits are great, I love them!!