Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sally Day!

Sally Day hath arrived and passed. I must say, it was well worth my money saved in the Sally Jar! Readers: Sally is GENIUS and you should check out her blog. You can find it here: Sally's Blog. She has some great tips and I love her style! Also, you can email her for a consult of your own if you live in the Minneapolis area.

Sally and I went through my closet and she aided me in putting together outfits that I was not so successful at putting together myself. As we began talking, I realized that with regards to my style, I was doing better than I thought in assembling work outfits. My real downfall? Putting together casual outfits or dressing down dressy items.

 Before Sally and I tore through the entire contents of my closet, we discussed body shape. I am a pear shape. Yes, I was given the gift of wide birthing hips (if I ever decide to have children, may my labor be less strained!). I discussed with Sally that I thought that the pieces I tended to like were all items that only  straight-hipped women can wear. Sally set me straight on this and I was really happy that she did. She expressed that she thinks ANYONE can wear most items, it's just about how you pair it with other clothing to make it work for YOUR body. I have one pair of skinny jeans which I tend to avoid wearing because I thought they didn't look good on me. Boy, was I proven wrong! In fact, I think that some of the best outfits we came up with were in my skinny jeans!

Sally gave me great pointers on what items to pair with what. She also gave me a list of items that I may be lacking and should invest in. We eliminated a bag's worth of clothing that probably wasn't the most flattering for me and could be replaced with some pieces better suited for my body.

When I was going through some of the questionable pieces that I had and wasn't sure they were right for me, Sally asked, "So, why did you buy that?" That really got me thinking, "Why DID I buy that?" In some cases, it was an item I thought I would love and had buyer's remorse. In other instances, there were things I thought looked good on me and then I got home and wasn't so sure anymore. Honestly, there were some I just KNEW didn't work yet I still bought them. Why? I don't know. What I DO know, is that in the future, I will attempt to be much more conscious about what I buy. Evaluating if it is right for me or could I do better?

When Sally left, I sat down to review some of the pictures we took. We had done a lot of skirt outfits. I was actually happy about this because I have 3 skirts that I don't ever wear, simply because I didn't know how! I felt good trying them on; sexy, feminine, stylish. But when I looked at the pictures, I didn't like my legs in some of them. "What gams!" I thought. In my mind, I began to think of all the reasons this could be. The camera adds weight, you are so white, white legs don't look as lean as tan legs, Sally was shooting from an angle looking upwards, perhaps that was it. I stopped. My legs are what they are. I am a beautiful, smart, funny and driven woman, regardless of what my legs look like. Have my legs been thinner? Certainly. Have they been bigger? Of course! But if I can't love these legs, who will? Why is it that as human beings, we are always are own worst critic?  I know other people don't see my legs in the way I was at that moment, why was I being so hard on myself? Sally taught me the best methods to show my legs off and accentuate what I have. These are my legs, the only pair I'll have. They get me from place to place, they've taken me to different countries, new places, through bike races, marathons, ski trips, snowboarding down hills, 10 years of ice skating competitions, they have proudly earned scars from many a softball game, falls off of bicycles and playground mishaps. They are mine and they ARE beautiful. Skirts will be worn, legs will be displayed...with pride!

 This week's goal? Really make an effort to put together some of these ensembles and wear them out, putting my most beautiful leg at a time! :)

How about you? Do you have clothes that you bought and know that you shouldn't have? Do you know what clothes best suit your body and how to coordinate those clothes? Do you hide certain parts of your body because of insecurities?


  1. LOOOOVE YOUR OUTFITS!!!! You look great!

  2. Awesome work!! M