Saturday, February 05, 2011

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Okay, okay...I've been pretty lame with blogging this week! I have been busy working on some projects though! This week my Dad came over again and helped me with some other things in my apartment. My bed is now nearly finished but I still have a bit of painting to do on it. Pictures soon to come!

He helped me with one other nerdy project that I was super excited to get done. My friend, Carissa, compares me to older women when I talk about this, but I love this! Yes, I'm a nerd, perhaps similar to a grandma AND I have a fruit basket! A hanging fruit basket! I love it! Very excited that it's now hanging in my kitchen and not just on the floor!

I have many other projects yet to be done in here, but I know that I will eventually get them done.

Today, I completed another goal which was to do some more sports activities I've been wanting to do for a couple of years now and haven't. I biked the Stupor Bowl. It wasn't as challenging as I was expecting except for finding the locations of the places I need to stop. (North Minneapolis, I have not been able to understand how you work and I'm not sure I ever will.) It was quite an interesting experience, one I am not sure I will do again but I was glad that I accomplished what I wanted to. It may have helped to have someone with to keep me company, but no such luck.

Honorable mentions to Recovery Bike Shop for fixing my bike up in less than 2 days so I could do this race. They provide really great service (they even helped me strap on my car carrier so I could take the bike home) and are EXCEPTIONAL people! Please go check them out!
March to hilltop. Starting point.
Starting point.

Self-portrait mid-race

Sometimes events like those seem to make me acutely aware of the fact that I don't think I really fit in or subscribe to any one group. I don't NEED to belong to a group and I'll never pretend to subscribe to anything I don't really believe in. Just, why does it always seem I'm not enough of one way for certain groups? Not hipster enough for hipsters, not biker-ish enough for bikers, don't drink enough for drinkers, it's really interesting. If anything, I did the race and I accomplished my goal and it gave me something to ponder. I guess I've realized one thing. I'm ME. ME is good to be and I guess I'll just have to have my own group! :) The goal getter group. Anyone care to join?

Guess what day is tomorrow?! SALLY DAY!

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