Saturday, March 26, 2011

More. Snooze.

Here I am again! I seem to be taking some breaks in my blogging, but I am working on being productive so you all will have to bear with me. I appreciate it! One of the reasons that I am feeling as though I do not have the time to blog as frequently during the week is that I am needing to reevaluate some of my habits recently so that I can become a better me! I frequently blog at night after I've achieved many things for the day and often stay up very late blogging. This leads to a tired Alyssa come the following day and I don't feel that I am able to be as present as I would like to be during my work day. As such, I've made a new goal for myself to try and be in bed at 11:30 pm every weeknight so that I can be 1) on time to work 2) present during the work day and 3) much more healthy! This means I will not be able to blog every night of the week. I hope you can all understand. :)

During this past week however, I have achieved some great things!

I met with a consultant with Women Venture again and we reviewed my business plan. I also was able to get some more concrete answers about financing. I have been working hard this week in nailing down some costs so I can proceed forward with my business. Pretty psyched about that!

As I indicated in my goals, I would like to learn some more hobbies so that I can put them to use and they can continue driving me towards my goals. This week, I signed up for 3 classes. Two of these classes are through Minneapolis Community Education and one is through a studio I found called Rush Creek. I will be taking a gardening in a pot and a canning class through community ed. I hope to grow some of my own vegetables during the summer and to can these for use in the winter! I signed of for a ring making class through The Studio at Rush Creek. I recently had an idea about making rings. I am very excited about this as well! I will be taking pictures and blogging about these classes!

I made a new dish this week! Red beans and rice! Of course, as I was making it I was singing, "Baby got back!"  "Red beans and rice didn't miss her!" It was pretty good. Helped empty some more cupboard space. I actually used this recipe, but I didn't use the bacon fat or any of that. I modified it quite a bit according to what I had at home.

Tonight is karaoke for hunger night! I am very excited and I will take pics! :)

Anyone care to share some new endeavors they are working on? Any new classes? New things you are learning?

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  1. Heather F3:32 PM

    I took 2 community ed courses for photography and to learn about my new camera better and enhance my picture taking skills and I'm trying to teach myself sign language. Those are the things I've done lately.