Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It was a very long weekend this weekend with lots of running about with friends and family. My sister came into town for a visit so I went home for a night and spent time with her. It was great fun!
Trying out a mohawk hat for size at MGM.

Before going home, I met with my friends, Kenna and Heather, for a lunch. It was my second time out this month.  We went to Midtown Global Market for some lunch and to browse around. There was one sit-down restaurant in MGM but when I saw the prices, I knew I could not afford it with my $25.00 limit for this month. I kindly asked my friends if we could go to one of the stands nearby and they happily obliged. I ended up with a coffee and a $5.00 pancake and bacon plate. Pretty good! All in all, the meal was $7.94. Not too shabby.

That brings my anti-Sarah Palin donation campaign total up to: $20.43!

I still have the karaoke outing for the food shelf to go to, so perhaps I can find ONE drink for $4.00 then, my month is complete!

My major achievement this week however, doesn't have to do with the anti-donation campaign, although it is somewhat tied in. While at home, I took the opportunity to do my last training with my sister-in-law, Amy, at the Hastings YMCA. Check her out for training sessions! If you are in Minneapolis, check out my friend Mary at the Blaisdell YMCA! They get results people! :)

Amy and I regularly take body measurements throughout the course of my training. We measure inches as well as body fat percent. We measured first and I had lost in some areas. I didn't think I had changed that significantly. After, we took my body fat percent. I was amazed! I dropped 3% body fat. Now at my lowest ever recorded body fat percent! I could believe it! This is the lowest I've been since before I started my OLD job, the job I hated! Before 2008! I don't know what to attribute this change to except that now I am eating at home, am less stressed and much happier with life. I don't think that I'm doing anything that different that I hadn't done in the past except for eating out less and cooking more at home. It appears to be paying off!

I still enjoy pizza, but I make it at home from scratch. I still divulge in snacks as I used to, but try and make them healthy snacks. However, I don't eat much boxed foods anymore (on a very rare occasion, some mac and cheese) but mainly, I've been cooking it all from scratch. It appears that getting away from going out and boxed foods has made a significant difference. I assume I have eliminated many of the preservatives and additives in my food this way. So, I'm sticking with this now! Not only for my pockets but for my waistline!
Too good to pass up!
What was your big achievement this weekend? What small changes have you made in your life that have yielded big results?

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  1. Heather F3:06 PM

    Yeah, I made the blog and so did the picture I took. That was a fun day! I didn't even know you were blogging back then.