Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reveling in small victories!

Today I was admiring some small accomplishments I have made this week. Yes, I get excited about the smallest thing, but to me, they are huge victories on my path to accomplishing my goals.

I finished an entire bag of navel oranges today. Yes, that is one of my victories: finishing a bag of oranges! Here's the thing; I'm notoriously picky with my fruit. There is something about food and texture that tend to clash for me, causing a sort of "wasteful" effect. I like my fruit firm. Almost all of it. Plums, nectarines, oranges, strawberries, grapes, apples...the list goes on. Texture can make or break a food for me. That being said, I've never been able to finish a bag of oranges on my own. I would buy it but then would throw many of them out because I would think they were too mushy for me. I pushed on this time and realized my perceived mushiness on the outside, wasn't really mushy at all on the inside. Today, I finished the very last orange! Very exciting for me!
Sunkist oranges: no match for me!
Also, I've actually been getting down on cleaning out my freezer! I've eaten a lot of the stuff in there already. It looks semi-full still, but believe actually was much more full. I've eliminated stocks, beans, lots of chicken. I've also finally gotten many of my beans and diced tomatoes down too! I guess I didn't really need to go to the store all that often anyways! ;) I'm still working on cleaning it out, but this has been a bit of a small victory for me this week. As for my fridge? It's pretty empty except for a few things I bought today. Yep, that's why I need to go and visit ALDI.
Freezer: Frozen soup, stock, chicken chili, 3 bags cheese, chicken and some veggies. 

Fridge: Not much but some strawberries, leftover frosting,  milk, apple juice and string cheese (told you I'm an addict).

Cupboard: This was FULL of dice tomatoes, beans and tomato sauces before. I'm doing a good job of cleaning it out! ;) 
Lower shelves: Grains: Lots of pasta, beans and rice to go. Won't need to buy that for a while!

I've also discovered ALDI has ruined me for all other stores. I went to go there tonight and forgot it closes early. Instead, I went to Rainbow. When I got there though, the prices seemed ridiculous to me! I couldn't justify paying that much when I knew there was another store down the road that offered the same things at much lower prices! I got only what I REALLY needed and decided I will make a trip to ALDI after work tomorrow.

What small victories have you been celebrating this week?

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  1. Nice work!! I love aldi, I will go with you!! :)