Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Singing for Hunger!

As promised, a post about giving back.

If you live in Minnesota, you might know that the month of March is Minnesota Food Share month. If you read my blog often enough, you also might know that I work at a food shelf...and I love it! March is a month when food shelves are notoriously low on their supply of food and funds. Therefore it is focused on as a month to restock the food shelves. For every pound and dollar that each food shelf sees, they will receive funds by outside organizations according to how much they receive. If you want to donate to a food shelf in MN, March is the month to do it!

While I am of minimal financial means right now and can't make as large of a contribution as I would like, I also know that I have fantastic friends who are very generous and compassionate people. I decided I needed to create some type of get together or event with my friends where I can ask for a small contribution for the food shelf, thereby hopefully allowing me to make an even larger contribution to the food shelf!

Thus, I decided: I needed to make an event for friends and friends of friends to get together so that we can collect these contributions! I was trying to brainstorm possible ideas. I mulled over a fun run/walk, a biking event, a potluck or any activity I could think of for people to get together. Problem is not everyone likes to bike, run, walk and I don't have a large enough space for a potluck. I decided to call on the genius of my friends! I spoke with my friend, Kenna, that smart cookie! She keeps me on the straight and narrow when it comes to organization. If I didn't have her, my head might fall off and I wouldn't be able to find it! I told Kenna I needed some motivation and help with brainstorming. She helped me think of the perfect idea! A karaoke singing night with friends! It will be at our local VFW and I just invited heaps of friends in the hopes that they can make it and asked that everyone who come please bring a donation of $5.00.

I have some fear in failure, that the event might not work out as greatly as I planned. I'm realizing I do fear some failure with these things, but I also remind myself that I need to get over that. You cannot achieve anything great without some failure! And when you fail, you need to push on! I reminded myself, that even if only 5 people are able to attend, with 5 donations, that's $25 and that is AWESOME!
I think what IS important is the desire to promote change, and what is MORE important is an action to do so.

(Funny side note: After writing that, I went to Neighbors' Facebook page. This is the quote that was posted recently. Talk about positive reinforcement!)

"One person can make a 


and everyone 
                      should try."

- John F. Kennedy

In keeping with my giving back theme, I wanted to give you all the opportunity to do the same. The food shelf I work at is called Neighbors, Inc. We do a lot more than just hand out food...there are so many great services provided to our clients. Please do check out Neighbors, Inc. on Facebook. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, we also are always looking for more volunteers. Our volunteers are so awesome and do so much for us! We could not do it with out them! For anyone with the desire to contribute to Neighbors, Inc. for Minnesota Food Share month, please send donations payable to:

Neighbors, Inc.

You may send donations to:

Neighbors, Inc.
218 13th Ave. S.
South St. Paul, MN 55075

What are the positive contributions that you have made lately? What action/step can YOU take to TRY and make a difference?

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