Saturday, April 02, 2011

No one else I "put a ring on it!"

Yes, people...I put a ring on my finger AND I made it! :) I mentioned earlier that I would be taking a ring making class which I did this week! It was tons of fun and a great learning experience. I took the class at The Studio at Rush Creek in Maple Grove, MN. They offer so many great and affordable classes there, I highly recommend checking them out!

We made "bezel cup resin" jewelry for the class. We learned how to solder rings together and how to solder on bezel cup settings and later fill them with a design and some resin. Our teacher for the class was Kristy. She was a very knowledgeable and helpful instructor! I might add that this is a coffee shop too, so you can get your dose of caffeine while you work! :) I had to forego the caffeine due to my budgets but nonetheless, I loved the class and the studio and may do other classes there in the future.

The studio.

First, we cut our piece of silver wire. Then we soldered the wire together in a "circle".

We placed the ring in "pikel" after soldering to make it nice and clean again.

The "circle".

Next, we placed the ring on the mandrel.

Then we hammered the ring into shape and also down to our ring size. This is Ellie. She was in my ring making class and she was really nice! Great job on your rings Ellie!

The ring.

After soldering on the bezel cup we placed a design in the cup and it was ready to have resin poured in it.

This is Kristy, our fearless leader, stirring up the resin.

Just after pouring resin into the bezel cup. Enough resin for it to "dome". Now let it dry and watch for air bubbles! Pop them if needed. Mine made it home sans air bubbles and now I can enjoy my hard work every day! :)

I should also mention that Kristy sells some of her own jewelry on You can find her jewelry here. She has some beautiful jewelry! I checked out the page and I just love some of the stamped stuff she has! Hop to her Etsy site and support a local jewelry artist! 

Thanks Kristy and Studio at Rush Creek for the wonderful experience! 

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  1. Great post Alyssa! Glad to hear your ring made it home safe:) This class was so much fun!