Sunday, April 03, 2011

1 point for me, 0 for the turnbuckle!

Long ago, I mentioned that I was building a bed and that I still had some things to do to get it all put together. Today, I put the finishing touches on my bed and I'm so excited about how it turned out! My bed is finally now painted with hardware on it to pull the bed in and out. My father helped me put those on and finish it up.

I was waiting to show you all because I wanted to complete a project first that I had in mind for the area above the bed. I painted it to match the bookshelf and radiator cover in my apartment because I wanted to use it as a display for some of my photography. The only problem was that I had been asking my   father for help to complete the turnbuckle project. The turnbuckle would make it so I could hang a wire across the display to hang the photos on. I've never used a turnbuckle before but I understood the basic concept. My father explained to me how to put it up but I kept putting it off...and putting it off...and putting it off. I figured perhaps I could con him to do it before I actually had to. ;) My mom and dad were actually going to come up and help today, but things didn't work as planned. Today, I finally mustered up the will to take the project on by myself! I accomplished it! It wasn't really that hard at all to tell you the truth. Now, without further adieu, I present my completed bed!
The dreaded turnbuckle!
Bed painted and with hardware on! So much easier to pull in and out!
Displayed photos.
Bed pushed in like a couch for when company comes over. I am going to add some pillows.
Pulled out for sleeping! :)

Today's lesson? Turnbuckles are not to be feared.

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