Monday, April 04, 2011

I'm pro-bono!

I had an AWESOME day today! I got to working this morning on my business plan trying to nail down some final things so that I can get financing. One of these items has to do with a dreaded subject for me as I've worked with many of them in the past: attorneys. Last week, I had contacted a few attorneys to see if I could get help setting up my business and with some forms. I had a wonderful chat with one attorney who seemed unlike the rest. He promised that he would forward me some quotes but I never heard from him. It was odd as he seemed like a very nice and genuine guy. A week passed and I didn't hear from him and I didn't like any of my other options. I thought maybe he had written my email down wrong. I contacted him and left a message. A few minutes later I got a call back from him. He did have my information down incorrectly as it turns out and said that he was actually soon going to try and track me down via Women Venture.

He had some news for me about my quote:

They are offering to help set me! Woo hoo! I was so excited! I also made some other REALLY excellent connections today and I'm quite pleased with my progress. Just wanted to share what a wonderful Monday it has been for me. I'm glad that I am continuing to chase my dreams and it seems things are falling into place!

Going along with chasing your dreams and fulfilling your goals, I wanted to mention to you guys that Sally, who I posted about in the past in my post, "Sally day hath arrived!" is on a mission to publish a book. She has several publishers interested, however they feel she doesn't have a platform for her book - aka. enough blog followers. I would ask that you all check out Sally's blog and if you like it, please follow it or you can follow her on Facebook. Please support her in chasing her dreams!

I'd also like to mention my sister and brother-in-law. They are currently in the process of a foster-to-adopt program and they got a new home today for them and their future children. Congrats you guys! I know you are going to be wonderful parents! Can't wait till I have more nieces and nephews to play with and spoil! :)

Hope you all had a beautiful Monday!

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