Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Hey hey! Long break!

This weekend has been filled with lots of different things happening!  Firstly, it was my birthday last week! I'm 29! Thus, it made for a busy weekend. I didn't have any special party or huge celebration. I went and played dodgeball on my birthday and it was tons of fun per the usual!

I finally made one thing happen this weekend that I've been working on for ages...trying to get together with friends I haven't seen in ages. This is what I did on Friday. I met with an old neighbor of mine, Ann, for a look around a Mexican imports store and then we went over to the restaurant section and I had me some tacos! Ann was gracious enough to buy me tacos for my birthday! Thanks Ann. We browsed around the imports store and Ann and I found ourselves some different products. I had to laugh at Ann's selection. See below.
Ann and I with our Mexican products - She's got, "Hot Nuts!"
We also perused and purchased baked goods from the bakery. YUM!

Not so good for the diet. But...delish! :D

Another event this weekend? My friend Kenna took me out for a birthday lunch! So nice of her! She also gave me an awesome gift:
Oh...I love how my friends play into my unhealthy love for bacon! :D
I had a great time catching up with Kenna. Kenna also called me out on one of my main complaints this weekend: weddings. I had to go to one and I have to be honest...I don't like them. Kenna told me very directly that I need to suck it up and go and be happy for the people. She reminded me that if I REALLY didn't want to be there, I shouldn't go. I realized that she was right. I do complain about weddings. And if I'm going to do something, as my sisters says, "Do it with a happy heart." I did need that attitude adjustment. Even though I didn't acknowledge it to Kenna...I will now. Thanks for putting me in my place Kenna. :)

Prior to this weekend, I had a birthday dinner with my family! I got to go out with my parents, my bro and sis-in-law and their children. My two precious nephews made me some cards! I love them. All my cards are displayed in my place! 

Card from my nephew Nick.

Card from Jack. 
Today, I had a chat with the attorneys and did some other work on my business. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked but I'm hoping for a more productive week. I did arrange to meet with an accountant. Yippee! I've been slipping on my eating at home and haven't been making as many meals. Need to get in gear with that again this week! Looks like I have my work cut out for me! 

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