Thursday, April 14, 2011

New adventures in wardrobe!

This week, I got back from work one day to find a very exciting surprise shoved, crumpled and mashed into my mailbox by a Minneapolis post-person. I was not shocked to find the destroyed remains of my package, I was exuberant to see that I had gotten some international mail! Yes, I said international. All the way from Australia! :)

Aussie post! :D
I quickly ripped open the package to find 3 incredible items from my friend Sonya for my birthday. 2 beautiful dresses and 1 awesome bag! Sonya had previously told me about her quest to sell batik dresses and bags at markets in Sydney. She designed these dresses with an Indonesian dressmaker while in Indonesia. When we last spoke, she told me she still had some left and I was bugging her to send them to me. Sonya picked the PERFECT dresses for me! She also knows of my love for ethnic prints and being one of my closest friends, knows my taste to a T! I was so excited and happy to see that she sent them! I immediately ripped off my clothes and began to try the items on! Oh, and I worked on accessorizing!

Short orange dress.
Longer dress with ruffles!
Full body! Super cute! Found my new summer dresses!

Accessorized! Pretend my bra strap isn't there...please?
Beautiful print!
Olive Branch - Sonya's tag.
And now for the incredible and EXPANDABLE handbag!

Regular size...
I wore the short dress over pants and a shirt under it to work the following day. I just couldn't wait to get in them! I received many compliments! As you can see in the pictures, I added a belt to accentuate my pear shape. I have a small waist and the dresses were a bit loose in the waist so I accentuated this with a belt. I should also mention, these items are 100% cotton so they are very comfortable! Of course, one must hand wash the items and line dry, but they are so's worth it! Plus, they are designed by one of my closest friends! How can you not love it?!

It's official! I have the BEST friends and family! If any of these items strikes your fancy or you'd like to see some more pictures of dresses, please feel free to contact me about purchasing one of these dresses from Sonya! Great work, Sonya! The dresses and bags are beautiful!

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