Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Canning. 101.

Can-can can you do the can-can?


Yes, I'm a total nerd...and I love it! I took a canning class! Once again through Minneapolis Community Education. My teacher was Mr. John Galvin and he was incredibly awesome! He was super excited about the smallest of things having to do with canning and I thought that was great! I get excited about things like that too! For example, when I first tried growing herbs and they began to sprout. Yep, I was taking pictures and Facebooking them left and right! Most of all, I found that to be the greatest thing about the class! John's enthusiasm for canning! It makes me want to can all the more! So contagious!

On the other hand, the first thing John spoke with us about? Botulism.

Yep, he initially scared the crap out of me with this. I will admit it. I won't even lie and say that when I got home, I didn't go and google more about botulism, if it can be cured, etc. Because...I did. WebMD does not cure hypochondria...just so you all know.

Hey Gertie! I hope you used proper canning techniques! No one likes their peaches with a side of bacteria! 
John taught us all about the canning process AND how to do it safely so that we avoid illnesses such as botulism. I can't wait! Even while listening to him talk I became inspired to try even more than I thought I would try! I think I will try to can my own spaghetti sauces, tomatoes, jams and MAYBE some soups. Perhaps I'll get inspired to do even more! ;)

Jam anyone?
Beyond the canning process, we learned all sorts of different factoids about produce. For example, did you know that fresh produce loses half of its nutrients in only 1-2 weeks?! Wow! That statistic actually amazed me. Proves just how nutritious even GROWING your own vegetables must be.

Also, we learned of the wonderful world of Menards - John's favorite store as he informed us! Apparently they have TONS of canning stuff though so I will have to be hitting that store up very soon!
She's got all the supplies!
With my seeds planted and my garden in process, I can't wait till canning time starts! Also, my wonderful brother told me he had a pressure canner I could borrow and also a Ball Blue Book of Preserving! I can't wait to try out some recipes!

By the way, for everyone in the Minneapolis area, I highly recommend you check out John's class through Minneapolis Community Ed. It is excellent!

My kitchen come this fall? I hope so! (Minus the wallpaper!)

May canning season come quick and may my fruits and veggies grow rapidly!

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