Monday, May 09, 2011

Productivity. Overload.

 Uber-productive day today!

I set out this morning with an extraordinarily long to-do list and I've nearly accomplished it all! As I said in my last post, I've been slipping lately with blogging amongst other things. However, I'm determined to keep it going and am going to kick it back in high gear! I vow to do at LEAST 3 posts this week! I have so many things to catch up on that I HAVE been doing, just simply haven't been blogging about.

Today I accomplished many things:

* Took my car in for the damages to be repaired (someone hit me recently).
* Cleaned my place.
* Ordered pots for growing my tomatoes.
* Spoke with some people about my business plan.
* Made a pot of minestrone. I have at least 6 meals in my fridge right now!
* Planted all of the veggies I want to get growing this summer. Waiting for the little sprouts to pop up!
* Recently bought tomato plants and a strawberry plant!
* Got a workout in.
* Picked up my boots that were in for repair!
* Planted a Chia Pet I received for Easter from my mother. Ch-Ch-Ch-CHIA!

Mr. Chia Bunny. I'll need to think of a name!

All the seeds I planted.
Flashy rental car! Does anyone else notice how when you get a rental car, it really makes you want to NOT return to pick up your car?!?!
My to-do list!
And I'm pooped! But there are still a few things on my list tonight I must accomplish. This blog is one of the final few things! :)

I also participated in a wonderful event this weekend, right from my house! It was free and it was the "Inspiring Women Summit". It was a teleconference or you could stream it from the Internet. Lisa Nichols, the author of "The Secret" spoke and I really enjoyed her talk! She said some really wonderful things that reminded me that I must march on in pursuit of my goals. She spoke of how when she was writing "The Secret" she knew that she had this vision and was granted this vision by God that only she had been given and knew that she had to complete it. She was just an inspiring woman. It make me realize that I need to keep on pushing myself everyday. A new thing I am going to add to my daily rituals are affirmations AND I also began searching online for some motivational videos. I came across this one and I really like it and have been watching it frequently! I hope that you all enjoy! Check out the Inspiring Women Summit on Facebook!

Tomorrow's blog? Canning! Enjoy the clip!

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