Monday, May 02, 2011

You splurge, you purge!

I've begun to notice a new pattern. I recently had the realization that I was falling back into some nasty old habits.

I told you all about the beautiful dresses and bag that Sonya had sent me for my birthday. I probably failed to notify you all of the other shirts and accessories I've acquired since my meeting day with Sally. Yes, some of them were to obtain pieces that I was missing. However, some of my more recent purchases were just...well, frivolous. It recently occurred to me that I have not been sticking by a rule that I created for myself upon moving into this new place. Every time that I  take in a new item, I need to get rid of another item. 

I've taken in a few items lately:

1. A pair of super cute Mary Janes that my sister bought for me from the Goodwill for only $3.00-NEW!

2. A purse I got from Steeple People for $3.50.

3. A backpack for biking with my laptop for $3.00 from Steeple People.

4. Cute new summer shirt from My Sister's Closet!

I was going through my closet the other day, realizing my hangers were dwindling. Yes, I had acquired more new items than I remembered and haven't got rid of any. Thus, the search through my items began. I grabbed a few bags, some dresses I haven't worn in YEARS and some shirts that just don't fit right any more and marched my way to the thrift stores. I stopped at Everyday People and Buffalo Exchange and sold what I could and donated the remainder. 

Dress not worn for ages. Time for resell!

Bag full and ready for donation!

It appears some old habits such as going out are reoccurring as well. I think that my birthday lunches and some other events really spoiled me in the month of April and I forgot about my need for thrifty! May will be spent working on getting back into my thrift mode. Amazing how addicting those restaurant foods seem to be! Suck you right in!

Today's dinner: green and red peppers, onion and cheese omelet over a toasted whole grain roll. 

Thinking of making another huge pot of minestrone to last me for a while tomorrow. Now that I'm fully purged of my items, I'm fully prepared to get back on track with cooking and minimizing!

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