Thursday, May 26, 2011


It's been a long and arduous week! Work has been quite busy and today I unloaded, with some awesome and generous volunteers,  22 pallets of food! I have 8 more to finish up with some more helpers tomorrow! No need to workout, that's for sure! :) Even so, I did go on a 16 mile bike ride! But that's more of a joy for me!

I've been working hard this week on business plans! Unfortunately, today I was speaking with someone that I had gone to in the past for advice. Someone who knows about the business more than I. My suspicions are that he was trying to give constructive criticism, but unfortunately it came off as rather discouraging for my business. I turned to all of my friends who were right there to support me and encouraged me to keep going and push myself! I have worked real hard to be at the point where I am at and I'm not going to quit now! The show will go on! I also turned to some music for inspiration! Enjoy these songs everyone! Hope they remind you all as much as they did for me that we have to keep our heads up and continue to push forward, even when doubt is creeping in on us! That's just what I will do! 

(From left to right, clockwise: Argent:"Hold your head up", Modest Mouse: "Float On", Jimmy Eat World: "In the middle")

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