Saturday, May 28, 2011

Goals. Fullfilled.

This weekend, I have been focusing on enjoyment and family rather than my goals. Granted, some of my enjoyment is achieving my goals! I worked hard this past week on my business plans. I hope to have it running by July! I will be super psyched WHEN, not IF, I do! :)

Today I spent the day in my hometown with my mom and dad. My mother and I went and had pedicures. I owed her a girl outing for a late Mother's Day present. We went and had our toenails done together and it was great fun! Now I am kicking myself for not taking a picture though! (Note to self: once again  you have to take pictures...remember, take pictures!!!). Since I didn't take any picture of our actual outing, you guys do get to see the end results! Purple toenails! So pretty!! It's amazing how doing one simple pampering thing for yourself can really boost your self-confidence. I'm happily flaunting my toes in flip-flops now! I feel like the cutest thing walking down Hennepin Avenue! ;)

Cute purple to my garbage can! lol

When I was posting this as well, I began to think of how many goals I have actually accomplished as of yet. I started reviewing and updating my goal list. I took out, "Becoming a coupon clipping diva," as I've found that ALDI actually works much better for me and I don't have to worry or spend the time clipping coupons. I automatically save 50%!

I also have placed check marks by the goals that I feel that I have accomplished. I do believe I have successfully changed my way of dress. I am feeling much more confident with my dressing abilities thanks to Sally! I feel like she really gave me some good guidelines for my body and that I can accomplish it on my own! In fact, even today I was looking at an outfit I must have seen online and I thought it was super cute. I realized that the outfit was totally perfect for my shape, followed all of the rules for my shape and that I COULD accomplish that outfit on my own! I can't wait to try it out!

I also crossed off the list, "Taking classes to learn something new." In the future, I most definitely will be taking more classes, but for this year, I have accomplished that goal and learned some new things that I will put to use to grow my very OWN food! 

The next one I felt I could cross off was, "Get thrifty (make meals at home, bring a bag lunch, coffee at home)." I go out for coffee much less frequently and make it for myself at home or drink it at work. I bring a bag lunch to work nearly every day. As you all know, I've been making TONS of meal for myself at home and I'm dedicated to continuing to do so. 

Also, as you can tell, I'm being self-analytical and really reflecting on my progress and emotions. I am not going to cross this off because I think it's a continual process. In fact, I was speaking with my sister today on the phone about some of my emotions towards companionship in my current state of singledom. I recognize, yes, it makes me feel sad at times. In the same respect, I acknowledge that and move on and don't dwell on it. I keep myself busy so as to not dwell on that. I believe that the right partner for me is out there! He will arrive when the time  is appropriate and I'm a firm believer of that! :) One never knows where we might find one another. Keeping myself busy and in activities takes my mind off of that and gets me out amongst the people as much as possible! 

Tomorrow I am super excited to celebrate a cousin's birthday with my family. For Monday, if the Minnesota weather cooperates, I'm going to work on one of my goals on the list! I can't wait! You'll all just have to wait for the post to see which one it is! :)

What's inside? An amazing, dream and goal chasing girl with a huge heart and passion! That's what! ;)

What goals have YOU crossed off of your list recently?

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