Sunday, June 05, 2011

Garden. In. Ground.

I had an AWESOME and productive weekend! I spent a lot of time with family, helped people out, cheered on goal getter people (more on that tomorrow!) AND guess what else? Planted my garden! So happy to have my plants in the ground and on their way to making me some fruits and vegetables!

I first spent some time weeding and raking up the soil! That was the hard work of it all. Pulled out lots of roots but I got the soil nice and ready for planting! I made two mounded rows for my carrots as I had heard they liked loose soil like that and that was a good thing to do (at least I hope it was!). I took my carrot seedlings and transplanted them into the rows!

Rows of yummy carrots!
Next I moved 4 butternut squash seedlings and planted those. I'm a little worried about those as I hear they grow like crazy. Not sure how that will affect my garden space but I'll deal with that when the time comes.

4 big butternut squash seedlings!
Lastly, my green pepper plants! Now these seedlings are SO teeny, you probably won't be able to see them. I did place a little white marker next to them though. 

See those 2 white pieces of paper? The little green specks next to it are the green peppers.
Last but not least. I filled my other tomato bag and got that plant transplanted! My tomatoes are all starting to shoot up now!

Tomato bags. 

As you can all see, I also put up fencing as there are lots of rabbits in my yard. I added bamboo posts to my tomatoes so they have something to climb. Then I decided that plant food was due. I used this organic kind from MiracleGro. When it's something I'm ingesting and I have the direct option, I will definitely go for organic versus chemicals. 

Organic MiracleGro!
It was exhausting but I am so pleased with my garden and can't wait to see things start to shoot up! It was well worth the many hours spent planning, growing and preparing!

I'm a very dirty gardener!
Full view of garden.
I was also blessed with some beautiful sights while out to finish my gardening. Caterpillars! The cycle of life just amazes me and it was so nice to be out and amongst the beautiful nature while enjoying a nice summer's day!

I'm a novice gardener. This is my first go at it! Anyone have some tips for me or stories you'd like to share?

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