Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Goal Getter Gurl: Linda Ambard

Today I have the opportunity to talk about another Goal Getter Gurl: Linda Ambard

I was made aware of Linda and her goal-chasing ways via my sister's friend on Facebook. She was asking that people go and support Linda who was running the Minneapolis Marathon this past weekend. Let it be known, Linda isn't out just to run A marathon. Linda has the goal of running a marathon in EVERY state!

Linda at mile 10.
Minnesota is one of the many stops on her list and I was so happy I was able to go out and cheer for her. I ran the Twin Cities Marathon in 2009. I must say, the one thing that really keeps you going is all of the crowd support. However, it is ESPECIALLY great when it's just for you or is a familiar face. It really makes you keep going strong!

Mile 13 - giving us love!
My friend Carissa and I had created signs to support Linda. We were able to give them to her at the end of the race! She actually thanked US at every cheer stop for cheering her on! I told Linda that cheering was the easy part!

Carissa coloring away!
Mary joined me for some cheering too! It was great to have company to help cheer away!

Linda, you the woman!
Mary and I biked the route of the marathon and stopped about ever 3 miles to cheer!
Linda told me that she has 12 marathons remaining to accomplish her goal. Keep trucking, Linda! You've done so well and I know that you can accomplish all 50 states! You're a true inspiration!
Crossed the finish!
Linda and I exchanged a few messages and Linda also expressed something to me about her running; she's not only chasing her goals, but she is also utilizing her running as a healing process. 

I think that behind every AMAZING man or woman, is another AMAZING man or woman, and this certainly is the case for Linda. Recently, Linda lost her husband, Maj. Philip Ambard, while he was serving in Afghanistan. I ran across a newspaper article about Linda's husband and as I read, I was made aware that he certainly was nothing short of amazing. I couldn't help but think how much of an honor it would have been to have met him. He appears to have been a man who was filled with life and did not take a day for granted. Maj. Ambard certainly was a Goal Getter! He had accomplished so much in his life and as the article indicates, his spark and drive appeared to rub off on everyone around him; family, coworkers and youth. He didn't only work on improving himself, but spent time giving back. He gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country. 

I would like to dedicate this blog entry as a tribute to Maj. Philip Ambard. 

May we all take something away from his and Linda's example on how to lead a fulfilled life; striving to be more, do more and give more.


  1. Stephanie6:17 AM

    Very nicely said, Alyssa! Thanks for being there and for supporting Linda.

  2. I just want Linda to know how proud of her we are. She is an amazing woman who can accomplish anything if she puts her mind to it. Linda is my daugters P.E. teacher and we want her to also know that we miss her very much and good luck on the last of your marathons. We wish we could be there but we are in spirit. Way to go!