Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New. Thing. #2: Dare. to. Dress.

Wardrobe has been another source of newness recently. While I've been loving the outfits that Sally and I made together and I've even continued to branch out beyond those, I was looking at my closet preparing myself for my friend Renee's bachelorette party (Hi Renee!! Thanks for reading! Can't wait for the wedding, you will make such a beautiful bride! :) ) this past weekend and realized that there are a few things that I haven't even worn or tried to wear. I've decided to incorporate more of the items that I hardly ever wear so that I DO start wearing them more! 

I put this outfit together for Renee's party. 

I received this shirt over a year ago and haven't worn it yet. It was given to me by my good friend, Lorena. She made me swear I would wear it, or she wasn't going to give it to me. At that time, I wanted it, but said, "Oh, I'm trying to lose weight. When I do, I will wear it." Thinking about this, I realized that I don't NEED to lose weight to wear this top! Nor should I ever feel I have to lose weight to wear any item of clothing! I need to wear what I like and what fits me well, no matter what my size! I know that I am beautiful at any size and shape and wearing clothes that suit my body and having confidence in myself is what makes me attractive. This blouse was DYING for me to wear it!  It was a good fit for me. It hugged me in all the right places for my pear shape and it was fun to wear something I don't normally wear.

I paired the outfit with my new sandals by Big Buddha that I got at DSW Warehouse

Pretty purple toenails!
Large platform along the whole length of shoe so you are standing flat. So comfy!
Pretty twisted tops!
Sally had previously recommended that I buy Kork Ease sandals. I did go and try some on and boy, was she right! They felt lovely on my feet and I loved the color, but they were just out of my budget at this time. They will have to be an investment I will make in the future. I found these Big Buddha shoes instead at a very reasonable price.  They are extremely comfortable and go well with almost everything. I also like that they are platform shoes, but don't have a high heel type position. They are basically flat soles and therefore I can wear them for long periods of time. I found myself a new pair of platform sandals for the summer! I love them and wore them all weekend!

I also have determined that I'm going to make an attempt at wearing Jeggings! I like them, they fit well and I think I can pair them with fun longer tops for them summer. I picked up a capri length and short length pair this weekend by Hue at Macy's.

Capri-length. Cute pocket details.
Short-length jeggings.
I also went to Arc's Value Village this weekend to see if I could find a new skirt. Not only did I find a skirt, but I found all sorts of new clothes that I can wear. Take note: I bought 5 items, I also removed 7 items from my closet!
Work to Weekend full skirt.
I love this new skirt. I can wear it to work and casually on the weekends! It's almost a denim like material which makes it very durable! I wore this out for a stroll to run errands this past Sunday.
Logix striped top.
Close up.
An adorable striped cotton top that will go with many outfits! Will be great as an undershirt for the winter as well to use under sweaters.
Lands' End sleeveless top and blue shorts.
Fun detail on short waistband. 
A fun new pair of shorts and tank top. I was VERY excited about these shorts. When I tried them on, they fit me just as they should. They hit me right at the belly button! High waisted shorts for pear shaped girls! I'm digging them! Due to these shorts and my new jegging shorts, I got rid of the other blue jeans shorts I had that weren't fitting me quite right. These fit perfect, sans any alterations!
New York & Company wrap dress! 
I love this wrap dress! It just hugged all of my curves and really flattered my figure. Can't wait to wear it in to work one day or out on the town for a dressed up evening or even day! 

I can't wait to put these new pieces on along with some others in my closet that I haven't worn that frequently. I'm excited about making new outfits and having fun with clothing, something I don't think I ever did in the past. Here's to making new outfits and being confident in them!

Are there clothes in your closet that you hardly wear? What keeps you hanging onto them or what prevents you from wearing them?

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  1. my four and a half inch high heels..... because I don't have anywhere dressy enough to wear them...... I need to change that!