Monday, June 20, 2011

New. Thing. Week: New. Thing. #1: Ball Challenge

I am starting some new adventures this week and I plan on blogging about all of them! They may not all be a new goal, some are continuations of previous goals. These will be from all different aspects of my life: fitness, food, clothes and health.

Today's topic? Fitness!

As I mentioned on my goal list, I would ultimately like to drop down to my ideal weight of 145 lbs. I have not made a ton of progress on this as of yet, but everything in it's own time. For me personally, my main priority for dropping weight has to be diet. The one thing that I do not lack in terms of fitness is activity. I workout 6 days a week, 3 strength training days and the rest cardio exercise. I rarely, if ever, miss a day of working out. I LOVE working out! It relieves my stress, makes me feel good to be out there sweating and overall it makes me feel good about me! If I do ever miss a day, I get antsy and lethargic! That is one reason that  missing a day rarely occurs.

On the other hand, since I do workout frequently, I have to switch up my routine and activities often so that I do not get bored. I must keep myself challenged. For instance, for cardio I often switch between running, biking, rollerblading and playing dodgeball. Sometimes I'll throw in other random activities like when I recently went with some girlfriends to a trampoline park. Jumping on a trampoline for an hour is GREAT workout!

Backflips at trampoline park.
With strength training, I must do the same. Every 2 weeks, I change up my routine. If I see new strength training moves, I try and add them. I take exercises I was taught by my trainer in the past and make up new routines with them. This prevents me from getting bored and in turn, quitting my strength training.

Most recently, I have added a new challenge for myself: standing in a squat position on a stability ball. I actually came across this move in an Under Armour commercial that my friend posted on her Facebook page.

These chicks are hard core! I love it! Since I've seen this commercial, I've become obsessed with the goal of wanting to stand on a stability ball. I can kneel on a stability ball with no problems for minutes on end. I needed a NEW goal and challenge. This is my new fitness challenge. It has been underway for the last week. WHEN I accomplish it, I will share my success via a fun video for you folks! 

What keeps you motivated to stay fit and keep active?
Tell me how you mix it up! 

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  1. So I went to a workshop and it was on bodyweight training, bands & stability ball. Long story short this dude told us that he blew out his knee standing on the stability ball. I would rethink the idea...just saying. I'm pretty sure you like your knees. BTW... check out the dude's website: