Saturday, June 25, 2011

New. Thing. #4: Down. With. Dairy.

I recently started to play with my diet a little bit to just see how it affects me. I would like to lean more towards a plant-based diet. However, I will likely never be a person to say I am a vegetarian or vegan. I like all types of food, you see. On the other hand, I can recognize the benefits of limiting myself with regards to certain foods.

You are what you eat!
In my steps in moving towards a more plant-based diet, I decided dairy was the place to start. I started a few weeks ago by replacing my 2% milk in my smoothies each morning with almond milk. I tried both rice and almond milk, I just like almond milk better. I've been experimenting with different brands. Trader Joe's has the cheapest that I've found at $1.69 for 32 oz. I've been told Costco has almond milk you can buy in bulk and is pretty cheap.  I was skeptical about soy milk, but ended up trying it in coffee at a shop...not so bad! Actually gave it a nice nutty flavor! The only place I didn't cut out dairy was at work in my regular coffee, I continue to add a dash of half and half.

Trader Joe's and Almond Breeze almond milk.
Yes, I did blog the other day about CHEESE! I do not think dairy is BAD, I don't think any food is BAD, I just think many things can be bad when we eat too much of them. That is what I was finding with myself and dairy products. I do continue to eat some cheese on things but I have drastically cut back on cheese. I even tried Coconut Bliss chocolate ice cream! Pretty good! Tasted like a Mounds Bar!

I will note that last night, I did make pizza. I also indulged in a regular latte today to see how I felt after. How did I feel? Bloated. I think that sticking with cutting out a lot of dairy will be good for me. I've been focused on trying to include more foods that I have probably not been eating enough of. I've been including leafy greens in my smoothies in the morning, namely spinach. My smoothies only consist of fresh/frozen fruit and almond milk so I am getting doses of vegetables and fruit immediately in the morning. A good way to start each morning! I have also been wanting to go to Costco and purchase a new veggie burger I had tried and really enjoyed!

Less dairy is my new challenge to having a more plant-based diet!

Have you ever noticed that certain foods have become too much of a regular thing in your diet? Did you eliminate them? How did you feel afterwards?


  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying Coconut Bliss! Our Naked Almond Fudge totally reminds me of a Mounds bar :)

  2. PS give hemp milk a try in your smoothies, I love it!

  3. Thanks Kiley! That's funny! I just heard of hemp milk today from someone else! I will have to give it a shot! :)