Monday, June 27, 2011

New Thing #5: New. Technology.

I have acquired some new technology over this weekend. Finally, after becoming so frustrated with my current laptop that I couldn't do anything, I broke down and bought another.

I bought...a MacBook Air from Apple! I was sort of freaking out about it internally, worrying about taking on the new debt. I chose to get the financing option through Apple where you get 0% interest for a full year. I did some calculations based on my bills and I figured that I could afford to buy this computer by making $100 payments each month. I am still nervous about it but I have to say: I LOVE my new laptop. I feel like I've been brought out of the stone age and transported to the middle of a sci-fi movie. I haven't had any access to Itunes for about a year, no real ability to utilize Word products, YouTube videos I have only seen bits and pieces of to get the gist of the video (my computer was too slow to play it smoothly), opening 2 browsers at once caused a major delay for my computer (I am well-acquainted with the spinning pinwheel) and on and on. The short version? This new laptop rocks my world! Normally, I try and make due with what I have...and I have been doing that for about a year. However, looking forward with my business I know that  a machine that can support my needs will be required. I think that this was a wise investment. I should also mention that the employees of Apple are so nice and helpful! Over the course of a year I have spoken with Bo, AJ and Phyllis at the Uptown Apple Store! They were all very knowledgeable, helpful, not pushy and polite. Thanks guys!

New MacBook Air
I also changed this weekend from TMobile to Virgin Mobile. With TMobile, my plan consisted of unlimited texting and Internet and 500 talk minutes for $69.99! I don't think I ever paid anywhere NEAR that amount. My bills were ridiculous! I have been threatening TMobile with quitting for years! However, there was never anything dependable to switch to! My brother recently told me that he switched to Virgin Mobile and had good service and paid only $40 per month! He received unlimited messages and Internet and 1200 minutes of talk time (granted, you don't get "Whenever Minutes" but I don't think I ever surpass 1200 minutes on a regular basis). Virgin Mobile is tied with Sprint so they use all of Sprint's towers. Since I now knew there was a dependable service out there I finally made the switch! It has been great! What will also be great is the savings in my wallet! Thus far, I'm really happy with these switches. I hope I have made some wise investments! I will be selling my Tmobile phone online and hopefully making more than I spent on the new phone. From previous sales, it appeared that I would be making more money. Added bonus? My new phone takes MUCH better pictures!

Virgin Mobile has Android phones too!
Have you had any technological items that you feel slow you down with your day to day tasks? What do you think you can do without and what do you think are necessary and wise investments?

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