Friday, July 08, 2011

Every. Problem. Has. A. Solution.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was going to discuss my solutions for my two problems: budget and sugar addiction. I have devised two new systems to work on these problems!

Solution #1: Envelope Method

I haven't been very good at keeping track of my budget lately. I think we all know that when you have a card, can easily swipe it and you don't actually SEE your money going away, it's quite easy to go and swipe, swipe, swipe! Even with groceries! Due to my spending behavior these past two months, I'm switching to a new envelope method. What does this mean? It means that on my first payday of the month I am taking out the amount of money that I hope to spend on groceries ($150 and $50 in my case) and placing these in envelopes. Whenever I go to the stores to get groceries or go out to eat, I can only take the money out of these respective envelopes. This keeps my money visible and makes me really contemplate whether or not the item that I want is worth it. It REALLY works! Already I went out one day for brunch. I ordered a smaller meal but really had my eye on this giant cinnamon bun. After I finished, I was looking at my bill and realized that I could pay for what I had and do without the giant cinammon bun (for my health and my wallet!). Also, I arrived to the conclusion that I could just as easily make a sweet cinnamon treat at home if I really wanted.


Going out and Grocery Shopping Envelopes

Solution #2: New Eating Habits

Seeing my past grocery bills and reviewing all of the sugar intake I had, (which to be honest probably doesn't even cover the half of the sugar I ate as there is a constant candy and pastry supply at work), I decided to really make a change and work on my diet as I have it on my goal list and haven't even touched that yet. Yes, things like eating at home and not going out have really helped to make me leaner, however I want to go that extra mile. I came across a website on my friend's Facebook page. It was to DAMY Health. I was looking at the website and saw that she had "diet" and exercise plans. Now, when I say diet, I don't mean diet like Weight Watchers, Aitkins, or anything of that sort. I don't believe in "diets". However, by diet, I do mean a change in my eating habits. Not for a short period of time, but as a lifestyle change. Her health plan focuses on clean eating and cutting processed and sugar foods from the diet. Also, she has included an INTENSE workout program which is challenging and I really am enjoying it. I will be posting some progress pictures. I have been sticking to the plan thus far this week. I've even resisted pastry temptation at work! Does this mean I can never have a pastry again? Nope. Does it mean I never will? Nope. Everything in moderation. However, I feel that I need a guide I can follow to head down the right path. That is why I started this. Plus, she has some AMAZING recipes that are healthy mimmicks of the real things (such as desserts!). I love them! When the pastries were around the other day, I was craving the chocolate brownie in the box. The craving wasn't going away. Instead, I opted for one dark chocolate Hershey's Kiss. It satisfied my chocolate craving and allowed me to stay on track all day! Check out the website! So far, I've enjoyed it.

Working on the pipes!

Have you had to start new plans to keep you on track with  budgets or lifestyle goals? What were they? Have you stayed on track?

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