Sunday, July 10, 2011

Putting. Myself. Out. There.

Now, I really debated with myself in my head. Do I REALLY want to put myself THAT much out there? The conclusion? Why yes, I do! 

With my new diet and exercise plan, DAMY Health asks that you take progress pictures of yourself every two weeks. I, on the other hand, decided I am doing it every week. It's kind of fun for me to compare! I thought about sharing these pictures. It is a huge risk! I am out there for the world to see in not so much clothing (then again, I suppose many people have seen the same of me at a beach). I decided to heck with it! If I'm going to dedicate myself and work hard to get to a healthier me, then I am going to go full out!

Yes people, you heard it and you will be subject to it. I am going to put my pictures out on the line. It will keep me accountable and I can visibly see my progress. Like I've said before, my body may not be society's view of perfection or what people see in a magazine, but it is mine. I'm proud of all that it has accomplished and got me through. I am beautiful as I am, but I am also happy to make improvements. I am a constant work in progress. God gave me this beautiful body and now I am going to treat it and nourish it how it should be treated.
I have discovered something new as well since beginning this new way of eating. It has helped to resolve my acid reflux problems! I never had read in the past that sugar and carb intake also may affect acid reflux. Turns out, it does! I looked it up and found many articles on the subject! Since starting these new eating habits, I have not woken up with any acid reflux! What an amazing blessing! I wish doctors had spoken with me about this in the past! Yes, I had spoken about diet in the past with my doctors. I thought I WAS eating much healthier than I had in the past (turns out, it wasn't so healthy!).  Not one doctor, however, spoke with me with regards to sugar and carb intake. This is interesting to me. I can't wait to have another check up with my doctor to discuss this!

Without further adieu, my Starting and Week 1 pictures:


Weight: 159
 Bust 36"
Waist 29"
Hips 42.5"


Weight: 154
 TBD next week!


My legs shrunk! I lost 5 pounds this week, which wasn't expected. I thought I would just gain some muscle. I'll keep on pushing for next week and I hope to continue making progress. In fact, I KNOW I will make progress!

What do you do to put yourself out there and make progress? Who keeps you accountable? Have you made changes in your lifestyle that have given you added health benefits?

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