Sunday, August 14, 2011

I. Am. Fitness.

Back to update you on the weight loss progress. 
I would love to get more blogs in about other subjects but I've been busy with working on getting the business up and running! I'll be a much better blogger in a couple of months! 

I am, however, ecstatic about my progress this week. Not only because of my measurements but because of another goal that I never even told you guys about that I realized today I have accomplished! When I originally started doing strength training, I wanted to lose body fat percent. Without much change in my diet, I went from 29% to 26% with strength training. My goal was to get to the "fitness" level  of body fat percent. I never thought it would be possible! Today, when I stepped into the gym though, besides getting my measurements, I wanted to look at my body fat percent. Six weeks ago, I was 26.5%. Today, I came out at 23.6%. Just within the 'fitness' body fat percent! I was SO happy to see that number pop up! I haven't been anywhere near that number...well, ever (from what I can remember!). 23.6% may sound like a lot, but remember, women are supposed to have more body fat percent than men (we have to make the babies, ya know!) ;)

                              Last week                                                     This week

                            Starting                                                        6 Weeks
                           Bust 36"                                                        Bust 34"
                           Waist 29"                                                     Waist 27"
                           Hips 42.5"                                                     Hips 38"
                         Weight 159                                                   Weight 144

Making some great progress and I'm going to keep it up! It's a lot of hard work but it's great to see results. My legs are throbbing today after my leg workout yesterday! I have one more workout today though and then I get a rest day! Yea! Hope you are all enjoying a happy and healthy weekend! 


  1. Anonymous4:52 AM

    What great progress you've made!!! Thanks for sharing!!