Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maybe I should switch the name to "Ware and Fare Thursday"???

I have been an exceptionally poor blogger! Like I said, I've been busy with goal of business. I think soon...very soon! Without further adieu (or excuses) here it is!


I wore this new dress with tights and boots to work one day. Sine all of my clothes have been falling off of me, I had to shop a bit to come up with some new clothing! I'll be selling a lot of my other clothes.

Tights: Sportsgirl (in Australia)


Roasted Red Pepper Hummus! These are the steps I followed!

Firstly, I cleaned and seeded some peppers and place them in the broiler in my oven until they blackened.

Next, I covered the peppers for a few minutes so there is steam and the peels will loosen.

Next, I peeled the skins away from the peppers.

Then, you food process all ingredients together! 
NOTE: I first processed the chickpeas, tahini and garlic (this is supposed to ensure a smooth hummus) then I added the red pepper and fresh basil from my garden!

Brought this to work to share with my coworker and she loved it! It's great to share new treats with friends! 

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