Wednesday, August 03, 2011

New. Wear. And. Fare. Wednesday.

I have to hurry so I still make Wednesday! :) I've been a busy girl with not a lot of time but here it is!


A cute white shirt with embroidery that I haven't worn in forever but have been meaning to! It also used to fit me a lot tighter! It actually fits better now than before!

Shirt: Tramp (yes, the tag actually does say Tramp...which I never realized before. Should I rethink this shirt?!?!) I have no clue where I got this one. I believe it was in Australia.
Skirt: Merona - Target
Flip-flobs: Havaianas
Earrings: Pretty dangly ones I picked up in Guatemala at a market. 


Guacamole! I've been loving it lately! I get a lot of my healthy fats from avocados every day. I never thought of guacamole outside of chips. However, I've been using it for dip with veggies (here with green peppers) as well as on a chicken fajita salad I've been making.  I had wished I had red and yellow peppers for my salad to give this salad some more color but I didn't have any at home! It was still excellent though! 

This is how I make mine:

Cut avocado in half (a half avocado is a serving for me). Remove skin. Mash with fork till you have it somewhat mashed but still bigger chunks. Add in red finely chopped red onion. Juice from a half of a lime. Salt to taste. Mix together till smoother consistency or desired consistency. The lime juice and salt are a fine balance in this recipe. You have to know what works for you. I don't have precise measurements, I just know what I like and through practice have gotten pretty good at finding the balance for me. 

Anyone else have any avocado/guacamole ideas for me?

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