Saturday, August 06, 2011

Weight. Off. My. Shoulders...

and hips, and thighs, and tummy and everywhere! Today I weighed in at the gym and I have officially lost my 15 lbs!!!  I originally started at around 160 pounds and was around that weight for quite a while. I reached the goal weight that I've wanted to reach for over 2 years now. This time, it seemed so easy too! It's amazing what feeding your body the right fuel will do for you and how good you will feel! I'm happy to show you guys my amazing progress today!

Weight: 159

Weight: 145


                         5 Weeks Ago                                                          Today

As I said before, it's not stopping here either! My official program will last 12 weeks. I discussed with Amy at DAMY Health earlier this week that I needed to make a new goal! This goal was to focus on toning. My one area I've always wanted to tone back up are my legs! I used to have very strong figure skating legs as I skated for 10 years. I hope to get these back!


Notice my treat to myself? This brand new sports bra! I love it and I actually found it at Walmart! I usually don't support Walmart, but I had to make a stop for some cheap clothes that could be ruined one day as I was supposed to go to a tomato throwing festival and the only thing in the area was a Walmart. I also found this! I love it! It's probably one of the best sports bras I've had and it was around $11.00.


These were pants that I used to be able to wear to work. I can't anymore! They are so big, I think a tailor will only be able to make me a new pair of pants out of them! I'm going to have to sell many of my clothes and look for some new options! Check out my backside picture - yes, I wear red underwear sometimes! ;)  I can't believe I used to completely fill in these pants AND they were even tight on me sometimes! 

Today I'm very happy with my progress and am going to continue making more! Looks like I can check another one off of my list! :)

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