Saturday, October 15, 2011

Build. A. Sign.

As you all know, Minneapolis By Bike is up and running! I was missing ONE thing for my business that would be really helpful with my customers finding my meeting location...a sign! I contacted BuildASign about their signs and they were generous enough to give me a complimentary sign for my business! They were extremely friendly, communicative and their service was speedy. They also have very reasonable prices. Plus, they make a lot more than this type of sign; bumper stickers, sandwich boards, business cards and so much more!

I got this aluminum sign that I designed myself on their website! Yep! You get to design it yourself just how you want it or you can use one of their templates!

Here I am in Recovery Bike Shop showing off my new sign! Recovery Bike Shop is my fantastic supplier and maintenance shop - you should check them out, they are the best! Plus, they are a local small business! They also built my beautiful single speed bike, Ms. Rosy! I love her!

I have yet to purchase the H-Stick to hold the sign. I am going to be purchasing that soon so I can post this in the ground for my happy bikers!

Just one more time...showing off my BuildASign pride! 

I want to send a big thank you to BuildASign for their wonderful work and I highly recommend them to any of you that may need a sign. BuildASign, be ready for my H-Stick holder order, it's coming soon!

Check 'em out everyone! You can click on their banner on the side of my page! 

Thanks BuildASign


  1. Your sign looks great! Thanks for sharing this with your readers! Best wishes to Minneapolis By Bike!

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