Sunday, October 30, 2011

I. Need. A. Six. Pack.

And I'm not talkin' beers! ;) It's been one month since I completed the Bikini Body Program with DAMY Health! I'm still plugging away at it though! I joined the DAMY Lifestyle program and also enrolled in the DAMY Best Body Ever Challenge! I have to set a goal and try and accomplish it by January 1st! That means that I have till the first of the year to get my six pack!!

Today I weighed in again and have maintained my 139 lbs! Yea! I measured myself and my measurements are pretty much the same. My hips were about 36 3/4", waist about 26 3/4" and bust was still about 33 3/4".

Even though I am about the same measurements, I have started noticing nice changes in my body! I notice that I can now FEEL when I use certain muscles. Even when I'm walking, I can differentiate between which muscles I am actually using. I can feel using an outer glute muscle versus an inner! It's amazing!

I've also been noticing that my legs have been getting much more toned and in shape!

Also, I have indents where I never had them before!

The other thing. You know those small skin folds that models have when they are bent over? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about, "skin folds" and not "skin rolls". I'm starting to get those. I didn't even think that that was something that real humans had - you know, "skin folds" on your tummy. Yep, I am basically saying that I considered models part of the non-human society.  It turns out though...that they are! AND you can just have skin folds and not rolls. Who woulda thunk?

Hey look! I have knee indents! :)

Despite all my great progress, I did have some slip ups recently. I had a horrid day of candy eating the other week! And guess what? I paid for it in a major way! Now that I haven't been eating that food, when I do go back to it and have it in excessive amounts, I get really sick! I felt SO sick after all of that! That night during my workout, I thought I was going to be ill all over the treadmill! That could have been interesting! ;)  It's amazing to me that now my body is rejecting those foods and doesn't want them! I can also FEEL a complete difference as to how I FEEL when I go back to those foods. Can't believe that was my "normal" feeling before! Yuck! I'm staying strong though and sticking to eating clean!

Keep strong in your will with the goals you want to accomplish!

What are you working towards now where you need to stay strong?

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