Monday, November 14, 2011

I. Am. Fit. NOT. "Teeny".

I normally don't like to make posts ranting or complaining about life; it just isn't my style. However, I have been hearing a lot of one word lately and I thought I would make a few comments about this so as to make more people aware.

As you have all followed me and cheered me on during my weight loss journey and my mission to get more muscle, you realize that yes, I of course have become smaller in size. This of course, is due to gaining more muscle and losing fat. As most people are well aware, muscle is much more compact than fat. It takes up much less space...see?

These replicas both weight 5 lbs. It's just that 5 lbs of muscle is much more compact.

Over this last week, the words, "you are teeny" or "teeny like you" has been uttered to me a number of times. I cringe at the word, "teeny". To me, "teeny" signifies many things, but it does not signify a fit and healthy person. Teeny, for me, signifies weak and feeble, malnourished and unhealthily skinny...neither of which I am. I am a size 6, 5'7.5", 139 lb, 19% body fat woman who just so happens to be in the best shape of her life.

Some people might say, "Why are you complaining that someone calls you "teeny"? It's better than being called "fat!"" I'm sure many people are aware though, that "teeny" people or very naturally thin people with high metabolisms, despise this word too! I know many women who are naturally very slender, and they are TRYING to gain weight! They try and eat a lot of food to put weight on and they simply cannot do it! It's frustrating for them to be called, "teeny" because they are working so hard to put weight on and this word is simply a discouragement to all of their hard work. This is just as bad as being called "fat."

Just like those high-metabolism slender ladies, I do not like to be called "teeny" either. Why? Because I feel like it fails to acknowledge all of the hard work that I put into my body each and every day.

I work hard to fuel my body and give it what it wants - nutrient rich foods all day long. I eat every 2-3 hours, after all!

I put in a lot of time, sweat and sometimes almost tears at the gym to put on muscle. It's hard work to get motivated to go to the gym somedays - just like it is for everyone. But I am there, doing the work. "Teeny" discredits all of the hard work that I put into building the muscle that in fact does make me smaller and more compact, but I am STRONG! 

Some of the strongest women in the nation may look "teeny" but if you ever see them at work, you will know they are powerhouses! They are fit, in shape, finely tuned machines! They work hard and their size is a reflection of this hard work and they therefore have results. 

I wanted to put this out there to remind people of how powerful words really are, for yourself as well as everyone else. If you are going to call me anything, call me fit, a buff mama, in shape, anything reflecting my hard work...but "teeny" does not describe me. I realize perfect strangers may not know this about me when they don't know me as a person and my activities, but as I mentioned earlier, there are also plenty of women out there who are naturally slender and trying to put on weight, and I know some of them despise the word just as much. So let's all try to be conscientious of the words we use to describe people - whether they are larger or smaller. We all come in different varieties and that's what makes us beautiful. 

What words do you think best describe women's bodies, all shapes and sizes?

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I have so many examples of people who both know me well and also complete strangers feeling that they have the right to comment on my body type by making comments that I am "teeny", "tiny", "a toothpick", etc. I do not appreciate any of these labels and it makes me cringe inside every time I hear these things being said. I am so glad you said this and posted this for the world to read! I am not my body, I am me!