Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10. Great. Things. That. DAMY. Gave. Me.

A list of 10 Great Things that DAMY Health gave me!
  1. Boosted self-confidence. The ability to look at myself and my own actions and be proud of them, every day!
  2. Freedom of choice. I get to CHOOSE every day if I want to live a healthy DAMY life that leaves me feeling great or would I prefer to go back to my old ways and be captive to my own addictions. I enjoy feeling great!
  3. The ability to stop hiding. Not hiding under clothes, goofy faces (but I still love making them) or amongst a crowd. Confident and happy to step out as me - sans hiding.
  4. Growth. Wow... I never thought I could do some of those workouts! Look at some of the old ones and how now it would be nothing! 15 jump squats? No problem!
  5. A cheering section. I get positive reinforcement every step of the way! If I slip up? It's okay, don't dwell on it, move forward and always give your best!
  6. A 7% body fat percent drop, 20lbs lost and down to a size 6 from a 10 - yet stronger than ever! Hello there high school me! I could beat you up! :)
  7. Being within reach of visibly having a six pack! Yea!
  8. Physically feeling when I'm not fueling my body appropriately. Overload of processed foods? Oh my! The worst tummy ache of my life!
  9. Knowledge - what to eat, when to eat, how to eat. No starving, no calorie counting, just clean eating! :) 
  10. The joy of living in a healthy way that fuels me, gives me energy and makes me feel great to be me!
                              Before DAMY                                            After DAMY (3 months)


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