Friday, December 23, 2011

Pre-Christmas. Detox.

I might have mentioned that I have not been doing so well with my diet. Stress had really built up at work and I became weak with my one vice: sugar! However...I'm back on track! Today was a detox day before the holidays! Yep...BEFORE Christmas!!! I plan on having some Christmas treats as my cheat day and then right back to clean after Christmas day! It's better for me to get a head start today! You can make a new start ANY time you like!!! I know that DAMY Health would agree. There is never a good day - like January 1st - or a perfect Monday - or a perfect time to start something. The perfect time is NOW! Why wait till January 1st when you can clean up your act today? I knew it was time for me to get my act together and I started anew! I completely understand when people say it's hard. It is hard at first! Just like everything that is good in life is hard at first and yes, it gets easier with practice. I feel it too. The late night craving for sugars or starches. Those cravings that hit you real hard and you want to give in! You know what though? I'm stronger than those sugars and starches! My brain has power over my tummy and I can tell it that what it REALLY needs is good vegetables and proteins. I know that tomorrow will be 10 times easier then too!  So that is what I'm doing today! Making my brain my body muscle! :) If anyone hasn't made their brain their body muscle and needs a little extra help, check out DAMY Health! They are a real support and can change your life! No better time than the present!

As far as Christmas goodies, I have made some...and NOT for me! :) I made some DAMY treats for friends this Christmas! It felt good to give them a treat that was healthy for them and they didn't even know it! I'm so sneaky! :) Here are the holiday treats I made for some coworkers and friends!

Who wouldn't want a gift like this at Christmas? A box full of DAMY Health Skinny Chocolate Candy Cane Bark and  Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls (I call them HoliBallz! lol)

Hope you all are treating yourselves well in this holiday season and seizing each moment of the day for change. Start change now because later may never come! :)

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