Saturday, May 26, 2012

There is no CAN'T in the gym!

I just wanted to post a quick little Saturday blog. I was at the gym yesterday and decided to take this little video snippet to show that there really is no CAN'T in the gym! Part of my DAMY Health workout this month has been chin ups. Now, I knew I couldn't do just a plain chin up. But it doesn't mean I CAN'T do a chin up somehow! I CAN and eventually I WILL do a plain chin up.

CAN'T is a mentality, it's not a reality. It's only a reality if you LET it be. I knew that I could work on my chin ups and get better at them.

I wanted to post this to show others how I improved my chin ups. When I started doing them, I could only do a few in a row. I would have to break and then continue to do more. Last night, I did 10 assisted chin ups in a row without a break! Unfortunately, this video doesn't show my 10 in a row because this was my second set and I had done 21s in between. I did 5 in a row in this video. When I initially started this month, I wouldn't have been able to do even 5 in a row on my second set. In a month's time though, I've gotten all the way up to 10!  Anything CAN be done but you need an "I CAN" mentality.

If you want to get better at chin ups and be able to say, "I can!" this is a good way to get there.

I put a bench under the pull up bar. Use a resistance band (there are varying resistances, use what you need). Put the handles through the ends of the pull up bar. I put a pad on the band otherwise it dug into my leg and hurt. Stand on the bench and put one knee into the band.

You may also use the wider resistance bands that are loops. For those, you don't have to use a pad. You would just pull it over the bar in the middle and stick one end of the loop through the other and tighten it so it's attached. This is shown HERE. They don't have those types of bands at my gym so I had to get creative.

With a CAN DO attitude, you really CAN DO anything!

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